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PA On Environmentalism

Environmentalism is complicated. As left wing vanguard politics, it’s the devil wearing a human skinsuit. But in listening to our healthy European voice deep inside, we recoil at the destruction of forests. The European soul loves the forest. Poor is the White man who knows not the joy of time alone deep among trees, the moss, the lawless cries of birds. The European subraces have their own customs with regards to the forest. Teutons, Celts, Slavs… we northeastern Slavs (I’m not that familiar our Balkan brothers, whose spiritual landscape is rocks and mountains, unlike our vast snowy plains) we forage for mushrooms. Every child is an expert on the prize-find vs something that can kill you.

Special People are desert people, khazar nomads. They hate the forest. They love money and especially monetizing (liquidating) the forests, parceling them off, clear cutting the wood, selling and settling them with alien biped economic units that they bring in to keep the economic churn at high percolation until it all withers like a dead branch and then they move on. The land developer is a particularly loathsome insect. Even if he’s of our ancestry, his soul is twisted in the image of the Special.

I have to slip PA another COTW. So much for diversity & inclusion, but excellence in commenting must be recognized.

This blog’s comment board is feast or famine. One week can be an unreadable mess of petty bickering and spergy debate points defended with humorless stubbornness. The next week can be filled with gems of insight bordering on poetry.

Which makes it like Current Year America: a deluge of unrelenting dreck that comes close, but never succeeds, to suffocating the air time of a small but engaging contingent of scribes and seers.

I suppose this is human nature, and in particular White nature, to do constant battle with the Good so that the Good is always appreciated when it is evident.

Regarding PA’s comment, I think we all have our personal mystic connections to particular environments — natural and cultural — which reverberate in our souls and likely derive from ancestral memories encoded in our DNA.

The Special loves the dry, hot, cacophonous market bazaar.

The NW European loves the forests and verdant meadows.

The Med Euro loves the rocky shorelines and rolling hills of the interior.

Highlanders are at home in mountainous terrain.

We can break down these preferences even further, along ethnic lines.

This is why, I believe, in a future disaggregated America, the ethnies and races will organically find their way to the regional State which suits their environment template for contented living. I wonder most about White Southerners, if they stay where they are or migrate to a climate and ecology more in tune with their ancestral heritage.

On environmentalism, yes it’s a shame that it’s been co-opted by lunatic leftoids when the natural home of nature preservers is on the right (and never more so than today, as leftoidism becomes increasingly the ideological accoutrement of deracinated and denatured urban rat racers). “Climate change” is the way in which the modren shitlib White, who has lost his connection to nature, accesses a path to an ancient racial longing that embarrasses him when spoken of or thought about in reflective moments.

In the end, the environments beloved by Whites will be ruined by open borders, so all this climate change sanctimony will come to naught. The result of virtue signaling is always a boosted signal at the expense of the virtue.


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