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Adolf Joe provokes a simple hypothetical about a world without online, often anonymous, dissident voices,

Make no mistake, if it wasn’t for the internet, Donald Trump would have been run out of town for “Russian Collusion.” The scheme to remove him would have worked if the Strozk/Page texts and other pieces of evidence weren’t crowdsourced by the public and alternative media.


You have to ask yourself what else these schemers have been lying about.

At least six decades of lies, and probably a lot more.

Joe replies,

After seeing how the media blatantly lies, it really calls every historical event into question.

As well it should. The curtain is pulled back, the mask is slipped, and the id is exposed, pulsating and panicking. We are justified to question any and all media and deep state narratives going back to the beginning of mass market news.


We need more diversity in our media executives and staff and pundits and investigative reporters. The media landscape is dominated by one group and one ideology, and that’s bad for America and bad for the Truth.


Quackbusters writes,

Unz had a really good article awhile back about the “great purge” of isolationist America Firsters from the media back in the 1940s; that entire swathe of very popular opinion on American involvement in the war was completely memoryholed by the media and Roosevelt administration.

I was blindsided by how a) this even happened in the first place, b) I had never even heard of this, and c) I never WOULD have heard of this were it not for the internet. The main takeaway of the article (for me at least) was that they were able to essentially erase all the isolationists from the public mind because the media was so concentrated in the hands of just a few newspapers that these isolationist columnists depended on to spread their beliefs. The internet is the great equalizer in our day and age because it allows entirely decentralized dissent that cannot be purged, or at least is exceedingly more difficult to purge.

Concentration of power in just a few newspapers and just one clan. This problem has festered for a LOOOONG time, and only now is it being properly addressed with sunlight and straight talk. Hence, the panic at the mitzvah.


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