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A great comment from dolph9, earning him the coveted COTW.

There is no stopping the 4 way racial battle and 4 way class battle going on in America. It’s terminal guys and you know it.
Racial battle:
1) [special people]: want total financial and media control, permanently
2) native whites: still have numbers and power but feel themselves threatened and slowly slipping away
3) native blacks: continually promoted by the powers that be but never really stood a chance and they will get really, really pissed off
4) immigrants from all over, but particularly mexico, china, and india: zero awareness of american collapse, combined with striving, uppity attributes, will bulldoze everything in their way to achieve the american dream
Class battle:
1) working class: fucked without any hope for redemption, boozing and mid life suicide is the way out
2) middle class: surviving but only if they make all the right moves all the time, high stress and some are starting to question if it’s worth it
3) upper middle class: totally protected and clueless, servile to the rich and scared shitless of the poor, they become more irrelevant by the day
4) upper class: long ago stopped giving a shit, just printing money at this point so their dollar wealth keeps increasing to infinity.


Where is the lie?


Runner-up COTW is heartily awarded to Kelly, who warns that the worrier-warriors should fear the coming warrior-warriors.

Quote [CH]: “The purpose of the lib fear-mongering amongst themselves is 1. to juice their virtue signaling score (the more fearful, the more valuable one’s moral posturing against the thing causing the “fear”) and 2. to provide a phony justification to ram their shitlib agenda down America’s throat.”


You sure got that right. I seldom listen to NPR, but every time I do, I hear the word “worry” over and over again. Those chicken-shit reporters (almost always women, it seems) worry about everything! “He’s worried that…,” “She’s worried about…,” “They’re worried because…” Once you notice it, you realize that it’s the bedrock foundation of their existence.

They are AFRAID. They are all basically children, scared of everything in this big bad world. I think a lot of that is due to their massive incompetence. They really don’t know how to do anything but talk, push buttons, and be afraid.

Meanwhile, we Heritage American Men keep designing, building, and maintaining everything in the real world because WE are competent. We know how things work, and have actual talents and problem-solving skills, so we are NOT afraid.

What we are is ANGRY, and God help those worriers when enough of us decide that we have had enough of their bullshit.

Shitlibs who continually intone “I worry about…” are engaging in passive-aggressive defamation of their enemy (us). To constantly “worry” is to tacitly impugn the character of those who are causing the shitlib to worry. It’s childish, but it’s also effective rhetoric and deadly dangerous to societal health. Call it out whenever you hear it.


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