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I recall reading that Shrillennials are the generation least friendly to the First Amendment, coming out in favor of hate speech codes on campus by a wide margin. I also recall reading that after breaking down the survey data by race, White Millennials are very pro-1A. Maybe Audacious E can confirm or refute.

The real book burners are the Ochre Hordes who currently squat at about 37% of the total US population, and quickly growing in number, especially as a percentage of Millennials. These are the future Americans who will use the Constitution as toilet paper. Our vigrants don’t much care for, or about, airy-fairy notions of free speech. That’s a Heritage America thing, and Heritage Americans are so…yesterday.

Here’s a stunner: 71% of Silicon Valley tech workers are foreign-born.

Big Tech leads the charge to censor political dissidents and demonetize insufficiently submissive Whites who exercise their free speech.

Come listen to my story how @Google kicked out conservative publisher, @WestJournalism, from Google News. (A thread.)

— Shaun Hair (@Exec_Edtr_WJ) March 22, 2019

It’s all coming together now. We are beginning to make sense of Clown World.

Free speech, like almost all idealized Western credos, is racial in provenance. Whites are slower to rouse to anger, and generally more tolerant of opposing views. Whites can handle personal insults against either themselves or their kin without resorting to violence in answer.

Free speech is thus best viewed as a natural continuation of a pre-existing White psychological disposition. The Bill of Rights is White temperament codified.

But Paperwork Americans are different, culturally, genetically, psychologically. In most of the world’s people, intolerance is the norm. Impulsive anger is the norm. Contempt for open debate is the norm. Thin skin is the norm. To them, free speech is a casus belli for violent redress. They can see it no other way.

The only way they can live with each other is through a byzantine array of tacit and de jure social taboos governing interpersonal communication. Speech restriction is how they keep a lid on their tempers.

This is why legal enshrinement of abstract principles such as free speech never materialized in the Ochrelands. This is why the Ochre-hai laugh at our quaint ideas of free speech, and why they will tear up, first, the spirit of 1A and, second, the letter of 1A, once they have achieved demographic critical mass.

Which they are already doing. The Ochrefication of America is underway. Our cherished Anglo-Germanic rights won’t survive the onslaught.

You can’t expect alien peoples to honor and respect the same principles that Heritage Americans honor and respect. The principles must be felt in the bones to be obeyed and sustained, and despite universalist agitprop to the contrary, the vast majority of the world feels nothing in their bones for creedal America.

When they rule, the rules will change. You have been warned.


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