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*mixed race couples in bed on tv*

shitlib: “er, i’m sure kids have seen worse”

*gay kisses on tv*

shitlib: “er, i’m sure kids have seen worse”

*giant animated talking penises and vaginas*

shitlib: “er, i’m sure kids have seen worse”

“trannies in short shorts singing songs to schoolchildren*

shitlibs: “er, i’m sure kids have seen worse”

…pretty soon there won’t be anything worse.

IMO what Clown World is teaching us is the value of disgust as a moral referee.

Shitlibs cheering on an 11-year-old trannyboy and grown gay men slipping him dollars is what Zero Disgust Felt looks like.

It’s time to bring back disgust. Make America Disgusted Again. #MADA

What are some ways to reinstitute a finely-honed disgust reflex in Americans?

One way is a disease epidemic. The least disgusted will be culled first. The remaining will be those with low disgust tolerance who quarantined themselves.

A theory I (and others) have is that an accumulating genetic mutational load in a population burdened by dysgenic breeding (aka loosening of social and economic restrictions on reproduction) will in time unleash a hellish torrent of infectious diseases old and new that will, in accordance with Darwinian reality, exploit the weakened host population.

We may be entering the age of superbugs. Survival will depend on staying out of the cities and choosing your friends wisely.


From Alex the Goon,

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