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This is a brisk, important read. It uses one example to highlight a major tactic that the media-deep state axis of evil uses to manufacture support for the anti-White agenda. In sum, it’s sneaky lies, manipulative sophistry, and advantageous redactions all the way down.

Via Empa Froga III,

How media and other organizations manufacture support for their causes by creating very specific definitions of words and omitting relevant facts about the statistics they present.

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1. In May 2017, the FBI and Department of Homeland Security released a joint intelligence bulletin designed to help law enforcement combat the White Extremist Movement. Let’s look at the implications of this report. pic.twitter.com/KATHyqmVQr

— Curse (@cursedsalad) January 22, 2018

2. The report indicates that between 2000 and 2016, white supremacist extremists (WSE) accounted for the most fatalities of any domestic extremist group with 49. So clearly, WSE groups are the biggest threat to safety of US citizens. pic.twitter.com/0MKeaAOWxD

3. But upon closer inspection, there are some inconsistencies with the report. For instance, the report fails to mention that it includes murders committed by incarcerated whites. However, per capita, incarcerated whites commit less homicides than other ethnoracial groups. pic.twitter.com/Eoql6eBNKm

4. Further, incarcerated white people are actually murdered more than any other incarcerated ethnoracial group per capita. pic.twitter.com/ed4hRcCjfx

5. You’re probably wondering, “the Pulse Nightclub shooter alone killed 49 people in one night, shouldn’t domestic Islamic extremists be ranked the highest for murder?” Well, the FBI has defined “domestic extremists” as those without direction of foreign extremists. Convenient. pic.twitter.com/HtajQNCl2J

6. This definition of “domestic extremist” is different from the statutory definition of “domestic terrorist” in that a domestic terrorist CAN be directed by a foreign terrorist group. Thus, “domestic extremist” was likely a term politically devised to indict right-wingers. pic.twitter.com/oQR8cpBRJF

7. So why does this joint bulletin from the FBI and Department of Homeland Security matter? Well, it’s fodder that the J**ish media uses to manufacture public fear about dissident voices and right-wing ideology. pic.twitter.com/dFzTQgfser

8. It’s also used by US politicians like Chicago Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi who recently introduced a bill to prevent hate crimes and quoted the report. Most “prevention” comes by way of suppressing speech and the exchanging of ideas, if you haven’t noticed. pic.twitter.com/Ag7Rx6tmnv

“Chicago Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi…”
An American in letter, not in spirit.

9. To be fair, the FBI & DHS bulletin is far more benign than the ADL report about white extremism. The ADL’s report not only includes inmates, it also attributes murders to white extremism irrespective of motive; the perpetrator must simply be affiliated with an extremist group. pic.twitter.com/iq9y32tRgf

10. So the ADL attributes many superfluous murders to white extremism in their report. If someone has an image of the German “SS” rune saved on their phone and they commit a murder, the ADL would tally that as a white extremist murder. pic.twitter.com/r3dWmQ3l45

11. And again, just like the FBI & DHS bulletin, the ADL report is used by the J**ish media to indict any right-wingers that promote nationalism. Here is a prominent black news outlet that cites the ADL report (created and owned by a J*w). pic.twitter.com/JwhOiDgDRP

12. So how can we accurately parse the data to truly understand the hate crimes attributed white extremists? We can’t. But as we can see from FBI data, whites under-index for hate crimes per capita (62% of population, 46% of hate crimes). pic.twitter.com/2YRtmP2Ns7

13. But 46% is actually over-indexing for white hate crimes because the FBI counts ethnic Hispanics as white. In reality, it’s closer to 38%. Thus, whites are 62% of the US population and account for approximately 38% of the nation’s hate crimes.


14. Going forward, be cognizant of how organizations manufacture support for their causes by creating very specific definitions of words and omitting relevant facts about the statistics they present. Reject their definitions and know that omission is a liar’s best friend.

As I’ve written, lies of omission are an even more powerful disinformation weapon in the hands of the legacy media than are lies of commission. Omitting truths while camouflaging untruths in dissembling language is the stuff of propaganda blitzes that would make Soviet commissars blush.

Stalinism is alive and it lives on in the US of A.

The Globohomo enemy confronting us is almost incomprehensibly evil, but I toil to enlighten the world of the nature of this enemy, so that we know how to fight it, and how to defeat it.


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