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A conquering invader demands submission from the defeated native Swedes:

Notice the cowardly native male in the background averting his gaze, lest the victorious tribesman teach him a lesson as well.


West Virginia, the poorest or second-poorest state in the nation, is spending $87 million on new housing for moslem “refugees”.

God bless this Heritage American. He’s standing up for what is right and good. The righteous anger of one man could spark a revolution.

A reader,

This is happening everywhere across the USA. Sprinkling Muslim refugees in idaho, Maine, Minnesota, everywhere. The gov subcontracts the settlement to Jews, churches etc. America is going to explode. I guess that was the point.

The forced resettlement of alien invaders is a violation of the UN Geneva article on genocide.

The jewish and catholic immigration and refugee charities bear equal blame for foisting this evil on America.


In Michigan, the Attorney General, DANA NESSEL, wants to police the thoughts of Michiganers.

Nessel, in partnership with Agustin Arbulu, director of the Michigan Department of Civil rights, say they will create a process to document incidents of hate and bias that don’t rise to the level of criminal or civil infractions.

That could translate to speech or expressions of opinion that some may find offensive, but are protected by the First Amendment. Bias is protected by the Constitution until it infringes on the rights and freedoms of others, and hate is often in the eye of the beholder.

If what Nessel and Arbulu are targeting are words, thoughts and opinions, this could easily become a weapon to shut down groups they find abhorrent, but are operating within the law.

That’s not the charge of their offices.

There’s reason to worry that’s the direction this will take.

Nessel says she’ll start her surveillance with the 31 Michigan organizations that appear on the Southern Poverty Legal Center’s list of hate groups.

But the SPLC list is widely discredited as a political tool used to harass and discredit conservative groups.

Dana Nessel:

Physiognomy is rael. As is intratribal message amplification.

(I really wanted to photoshop a star of [specialness] in that infinity stone gauntlet.)

A reader,

I might add Anonymous Conservative has some good insights on reading these kids of faces. One side of the face is smiling, and the other is cringing. Never realized how common that was among our “leaders” until AC pointed it out.

The anvil-shaped manjaw is common among these masculinized specimens, as well. It’s no accident that modern feminism is almost entirely a [special lady]-led movement.

It’s ashkepathy all the way down.

Okay, quiz time. What do these news stories from Sweden, West Virginia, and Michigan have in common?


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