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Deep State Update

This looks like Rod Rodentstein set Trump up for an “obstruction of justice” investigation by assisting Trump in firing Comey, and then using that firing as a pretext to sic Mueller on him.

If you think this implicates Rosenstein in an obstruction of justice charge, just know that Rosenstein was likely in cahoots with the rest of the deep state to initiate the Mueller investigation against Trump.

Remember, Rosenstein plotted to secretly record Trump and colluded with Cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment on no grounds whatsoever other than personal dislike for Trump in order to execute a coup d’etat (sedition by any other name). Rosenstein laughs this off as “a joke”, but we know better. Except Trump, who apparently took Wormtongue at his word and let him stay on at the FBI until recently, when it became obvious after the McCabe TV interviews to everyone including Trump that the Rodent was actively seeking to remove him from office.

I’m reeling from disbelief that a deep state actor involved in the seditious plot to oust a legally sitting president — McCabe — went on national teevee not once but twice to brag about his role in it…..and the gallows still collects dust. This is how you know the Deep State exists, and is so entrenched that it practically calls the shots from one administration to another — active colluders can go public with their treasonous plans and remain above the law.

Reader Kelly wonders,

Why don’t MSM reporters ever ask such intelligent questions? Why is it private citizens from all social and economic backgrounds – except when they are “journalists” – are the only ones asking probing questions?

Because the media is an adjunct of the deep state. They don’t ask questions they’d rather you not have the answers to.


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