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NEW: Here’s the internal Insys video to the tune of A$AP Rocky’s “F–kin’ Problems” in which employees dance around former sales VP Alec Burlakoff, who is dressed as a life-size bottle of fentanyl spray. It was shown to a jury in Boston federal court today. pic.twitter.com/0SPIEDRpnX

— Aaron Leibowitz (@aaron_leib) February 13, 2019

Here’s Part 2. They’re singing about “titration,” a reference to the process of doctors increasing the dosage for patients as they build tolerance.

And Part 3, in which Burlakoff is revealed under the costume. He pled guilty to a scheme to bribe doctors to prescribe the spray. CEO Michael Babich, who also pled guilty, was testifying today when the video was shown. Five others, including founder John Kapoor, are on trial.

While you’re here: Insys has reported 925 deaths to the FDA in which Subsys was the main suspected cause since it hit the market in 2012.

One DOTR isn’t gonna be enough.


lol “424-0”

424 ought to be the new meme number.

Who would fight for this country anymore? It’s not ours. it’s theirs.


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