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Commenter Curing Yellow Fever inadvertently posed an interesting Game challenge in his anecdote about the Rejected Woman of his life.

When my ex decided to dump me for Mr Sir-Cad-Lifts-Alot, I had a rebound I tried to start with another Filipina chick at the gym, who wasn’t as good looking but had the goods in all the right places.

She was bubbly, full of fun and always wanted to hang out. We were out in the city one night and after leaving the bar (mind you we had been drinking and grinding all up on each other) she pulled a stunt as we passed a group of dudes that I’ll never forget.

“Hey you’ll always be my best friend!!”

I heard some snickering from the guys, and realized despite my attempts I was still a hard beta, hurt by a former relationship and struggling to find my way.

I flirted with her a few more weeks, and finally ended up ghosting her after giving it another shot.

Fast forward 3 years later, meeting a huwyhte chick who IMO doesn’t have the fantastic looks of the flip, but she has a rock solid family, great core values, is a hard worker and not only became my wife but gave me a beautiful baby girl.

We bumped into said flip chick at a get together one evening with a bunch of people from the gym, and CH could have not been anymore truer. She saw the two of us, the rock on her finger, everyone congratulating us on the baby, and she immediately began hanging all over her acquaintance (a n3groid no doubt) and showing massive amounts of pda.

Her IG is routinely pics of her going to foreign beaches and hanging with the dark locals. We all know where that leads.

That publicly traumatizing shit test — “Hey you’ll always be my best friend!!” — as she and CYF passed by a group of chads, is a special kind of female microcastration I call the Emasculation Test.

She does it because she wants to send two unmistakable messages. The first message, to the chads, is that she is on the market. The second message, to CYF, is don’t get any ideas about us.

It’s humiliating, and that’s the intent. She wants her available sexuality announced in the loudest, unequivocal terms, and if that means crushing the soul and manhood of her beta orbiter in front of a snickering audience of would-be suitors, she’ll do it, because one of her worst fears is to be mistaken for a girl who SETTLED for a beta male.

I don’t want to dump on CYF here, because many men have been in similar situations, and have come out of it, like he did, the better. Few men haven’t had a beta backslide at times. But it would be useful for men to know how to respond to Emasculation Tests, to come out on top in the present rather than at some unforeseen point in the future.

I’m here to help. Preferably, I would, as usual, default to Agree&Amplify.

Girly Minion: “Hey you’ll always be my best friend!!”

Irresistible You: “You got that right!”

Along this theme:

To the group of dudes, “Don’t listen to her, she’s just a friend of a friend.”

You could break her self-confident state with a crass reply:

Girly Minion: “Hey you’ll always be my best friend!!”

Irresistible You: “Is that what you’re calling butt sex now?”

There’s Disqualification:

Girly Minion: “Hey you’ll always be my best friend!!”

Irresistible You: “Whoa, settle down. We’re not there yet.”

And absurdist humor:

Girly Minion: “Hey you’ll always be my best friend!!”

Irresistible You: “…for me to poop on!”

If you’re comfortable with physicality, you could gently push her toward the dudes and tell them she’s all theirs, because you’re tired of the headache.

Ideally, you don’t want to put yourself in situations where Emasculation Tests are a possibility. That means avoid beta orbiting and always try to close the deal sooner rather than later. You open yourself to withering bitch attacks by strolling around in public for weeks on end with a girl you haven’t yet kissed but desperately want to bang. That’s not swooping a woman off her feet, it’s sniveling at a woman’s feet.


This is a valuable PSA from The Doctor:

I’ll note that having a girl grinding on you is not necessarily the ioi it looks like. Yes there are times when she’s desperate to get your attention because you are soooo zfg (I remember being in a club once watching a hard 8 grinding on a 6’6″ super jock who looked bored beyond belief. She just looked worried.)

But for the most part she’s getting validation and you’re just getting blue balls. So basically she’s using you for her personal power trip. Converting grinding into actual PIV sex is a lot harder than it looks. In a way, it’s a supreme piece if beta bait, cause if you are loooooving it, you come off a bit desperate and she knows she has solid hand.

Best in this case, is anywhere a woman seems to be actively seeking your arousal but is not clearly supplicating, is to push her away. Better to hold out for real sex than give into her control frame where she seems to be leading the sexual escalation. The teaser is in control. The teas-ee is not. With rare exceptions, grinding, especially from sub 7s is ego stroking and nothing more. Ignore her beauty. Ignore her ass in your crotch, and you’ve really got something.

Spot on. Bump n grind is major beta chump bait. You should be pushing the girl off you after a short grind session, or don’t even bother with it at all.

Remember one of the golden rules of Game: Flip the script. Be the chasee, not the chaser.


Commenters offered a gold mine of replies that would nuke a chick’s emasculation test.

Krauser had the nuclear neg which I have also used to great effect. He describes an HB9 he was with who was constantly shite testing him.

To paraphrase, he looks at her and chuckles. She becomes curious and asks what’s on his mind.

“Three things…I like phoqueing you no doubt about that… secondly you do have an interesting personality….” He pauses and her eyes perk up waiting for the third thing.

“It’s just that I don’t know if I really like you as a person.”

Try this sometime. It’s devastating. The girl immediately starts qualifying herself.


H:”Hey you’ll always be my best friend!!”
M: “I got plenty of friends already”


“I don’t like you enough to be your friend”

The beauty of that line is how it totally neutralizes a girl’s natural advantage — her sexuality — and forces her to compete for his attention using her personality.

“Do i know you?”


Flip Her Over: “Hey you’ll always be my best friend!”

Cadhole: “Duh! You’re one of the guys, bro. High five!”


Girly Minion: “Hey you’ll always be my best friend!!”

My reply would be : “Oh good, I’m off the hook”.

Great job, denizens.

When a girl tries the friendzone gambit on me, I like to say “you wish” or “since when are we friends? I hardly know you” or “we can’t be friends. you’re a girl”. (FYI I noticed a commenter posted a similar line.)

The theme of all these lines is the same: smashing her frame and replacing it with your own frame. She’s no longer the hot commodity cooly gathering orbiters; she’s the bitchy nobody who hasn’t yet earned your interest.

Poptarts wonders how a man is supposed to have these quippy one liners at the ready all the time.

If you could predict a girl would say that, you could say all those things back to her. No man is expecting a girl to just say that out of nowhere walking by some other dudes. Poor guy was probably in shock. I’m always thinking of great things to say AFTER the fact. I guess when you are hanging with a girl you always have to be prepared for the shit test, diss etc. Damn. That was savage.

Sure, which is why the best way to predict what a girl might say at any given time is to gain a lot of experience with girls. You’ll start to notice patterns in how girls behave, what they say, how they say it, when they say it, and eventually you’ll get the knack for bantering in the style of a zfg jerklord that girls love.

Look, I’ve explained this before but it bears repeating. The take home lesson of posts like this one isn’t the lines you memorize. Those lines are crutches, meant to help get you through common traps that girls set for aspiring alphas, and should be viewed as supplements to your primary objective, which is an improvement in your ATTITUDE. Once you have that outcome independent, care-free asshole attitude on lock, the lines will come naturally, and will be automatically fitted to the context. The experience with women plus the alpha attitude that grows out of that experience minimizes the times you’ll be caught flat-footed or shocked by some girl’s shit test. What will happen instead is that your heart rate will barely budge, your sweat glands will remain dry, your tongue nimble, your blood pressure stable, and your smirk of amused mastery undisturbed as the zfg lines fall from your lips like a sonnet. You won’t have to think about how to reply to a friendzone request. You’ll simply shoot back, “You wish”. Or, if the girl is really cunty, “Who bitch this is?”. And it will feel as natural as taking an erotic dump on a pussyhat slut.


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