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Your Daily Game: Role Play

In this post, I mentioned an effective line I used on a betty:

A chick was giving me a hard time about my motives for talking to her. (Confession: they were impure motives.)

I replied: “Unlike Harvey Weinstein, I won’t offer you a movie role for your company.”

Verdict: an effective flirtation coup de grace.

Thug commented,

Just tell her your a secret agent on a mission and you need her for cover. They know it’s bullshit but it starts the game…

P.s. best not to mention creeps like Weinstein during maneuvers. Negative imagery.

Here I will agree with Thug that it’s generally good policy to avoid negative imagery or negative connotations when hitting on girls. But there are exceptions when the negative can become a positive. One type of girl in particular: the sasspot. (Think AOC or any garden variety bartendress like her). She’s funky, she’s flirty, and she’s caustic. She loves to cut a beta down, and loves it even more if he stays on his feet.

The sasspot feasts on dark energy. That’s why a Harvey Weinstein line can work on her; she gets a thrill up her eggs at any opportunity to express mock offense and draw attention to herself. (A wag at Breitbart called this “victim-hoaxing”. The old-timey term for it is “damsel in distress ruse”.)

I want to focus on the role play suggestion by Thug. It’s good, and role playing is an under-utilized arrow in the womanizer’s quiver.

GIRL: “You just want to get me in bed” or “You’re hitting on me, aren’t you?” (or some variation thereof)

Thug says to pose as a “secret agent on a mission” and tell the girl you need her for cover. That’s bruddy gud.

Similar-themed role plays I have done include:

GIRL: “You’re trying to get in my bantz.”

PHALLUS FROM THE OFFICE: “My ex is here, I need you to act like my date so I can make her jealous. Try not to get handsy, though, it’ll be too obvious.”


“My ex is stalking me and she’s here, I’m gonna need you to run point for me and look like you’d stab a bitch if she gets too close to me.”

Role play for a roll in the hay. Chicks dig creative men who can act whimsical and not give a damn if it risks offending women.


In the past 10 days, a slew of shitlib clickbait outfits had mass firings.

PuffedHo and Yahoo laid off 800.

Feedbuzz laid off 200.

And just today, Vice laid off 250.

tfw can’t decide between a

or a

PPS a send-off lulz:

It’s time we told Literally Hitler NO. You are NOT ending any wars!

— Roccam’s Occam (@RoccamSoccam) January 31, 2019

This senate that can’t repeal Obamacare, defund Planned Parenthood, or pass a budget. But God help you if you want to bring our boys home. They’ll lock shields and fight like lions for the right to kill your son in Afghanistan.

— Doctor Jesse Kelly (@JesseKellyDC) January 31, 2019


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