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Dave Weigel, propaganda typist for the Bezos Post, called Trump supporters “rubes“.

This is Dave Weigel, on the right:

He looks like a lump of vaginal yeast.

Weigel wasn’t always this repulsive. The Trump era has not been kind to him. The stress is causing these shitlibs to drown their misery in donuts and disco shirts.

From Wow, Just Wow, Literally Shaking,

LOL. This fat-gutted, mop-headed, acne-plagued slob just called Trump voters “rubes.”

At least I can dress myself, Mr Failed Porn Mustache. Oh, my God what a disheveled mess of triglyceride soaked estrogen this loser is.

We should just post pics of shitlibs to demolish their arguments. It’ll save us a lot of energy.

PS Generation Zyklon living up to its moniker.



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