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Alexandria Of-Choppers was placed on a powerful investigative House committee. Why? She’s reviled by the DNC brass.

My take is that the Dem Party leaders know she’s an idiot liable to shoot her mouth off and make a fool of everyone within hearing distance.

These Dems also know the Russia collusion story is a made-up hoax. They’ll never admit it, but they know it.

AOC is their commie red herring. Her purpose is to distract from the Mueller nothingburger. She’ll sit on that committee and drop one unsubstantiated Trump-Russia Hoax bomb after another, day after day, and the unrelenting noise will keep the public’s attention away from the total failure of Mueller to find anything criminal. The AOC sassy rican show will occupy so much air time that Dems can use the ruckus to segue from their culpability in the Russia Hoax they helped perpetrate, to an offensive posture thanks to AOC’s squid ink. Dems will guide their media allies toward reporting on the irrelevant gossip of the Four Viragoes who now sit on the committee overseeing the impeachment of Trump.

And, bonus, if AOC is bogged down by Russia nonsense she can’t spin up momentum for her Five Year Plan. The Dems’ Wall Street and Big Tech patrons have gotten word out to the party’s tribal elders to throttle AOC’s brand of socialism.

The next two years will be the make or break years for America. Mark my words.


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