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Trump’s Last Deal

A higher, retributive tax on the wealthy has broad support among the American public. Even Republican voters are barely against it. Alexandria Of-Color is a blithering idiot but she’s onto something with her 70% tax proposal on the wealthy (though in her mind, it’s a tax on White men). If you know about Turchin cycles, you’ll know that we’re heading back into a “punish the elite” phase, so if Trump wants a second term he would be wise to consider the idea.

The trend line is clear….Reaganism is in retreat, we’re going back to a more egalitarian era, with the good and bad that portends. (In our more diverse Weimerica, there will be more Bad than Good from a revitalized egalitarianism.)

This could be Trump’s Last Deal, the deal that secures him a 2020 victory.

I’m no socialist. The economic arguments against socialism are about as solid as you’ll find in the field. But I’ll gladly trade universal healthcare, 70% wealth tax, heavier regulation of corporate america, and more government spending on boondoggles for a closed border, deportations, and the revival of a super-majority White America.

It’s more than a fair trade. It’s wise. Socialist policies can be revisited and reversed at a later date. Demographic displacement is forever.


From a reader,

I saw in the [higher taxes on the rich] poll, they did not specify at what income level that you get taxed at 70%. Most people when asked that think they are talking about billionaires and multi multi billionaires

No doubt, but you have to look at how Americans are responding to this question over time. There is a generational shift happening toward favoring higher taxes on those “billionaires”, even if the question as posed is misleading people to imagine fat cats getting theirs, and not their UMC parents or low six-figures small business owners.


OT: One more stray thought on Jeff Bezos and his skankstress. It was reported she has a mixed breed sproglet with a vibrant ex, and that she whores around for fun and profit.

Dirty Sanchez is all the proof anyone should need that just because a man can accumulate 140 billions dollars doesn’t mean he stops being a beta in his wee nerdo heart.


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