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When do “discussions about masculinity” find purchase among men?

When those men have become effeminate soyboys.








Modren Soyboy: “We need to talk about definitions of masculinity and make it more expansive to include effete little fuckers like myself, because I am not getting any action out here.”

If low T manginas can’t be masculine, they’ll subvert masculinity, and question its basis in reality. They may not get laid from this ploy but they can at least feel better about themselves and experience a tiny….tick up in their social status among their queer peers. If the ideal is unattainable, pathologize the ideal.

That’s the male side of the motivation. The “toxic masculinity” poopytalk on the female side has a similar source — envy — amplified by unfulfilled sexual tension.

On the female side, the anti-masculinity agitprop is driven by uglies and fatties and aging shrews to spite the alpha men they can’t attract, but mostly their misandry is directed at the betaboy suck-ups they’re stuck with as male company. A limpwrist can’t debase himself enough in the eyes of these battlecunts.

On the POC side, the motivation is “whatever emasculates White men”.

On the [special person] side, it’s age-old envy of robust goyium physicality and fear of high T cossacks riding over the horizon.

There is currently a lot of anti-White man hate spewing from every orifice of the Gaytrix. Woke Capital is fully on-board the man-hating agenda.

Feast on the hate. Absorb its energy. And when the time is right, expel it against your enemies with a fury only the sons of Martel and Washington could muster.


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