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Colostomy Girls

In a tragic case illustrating the sinister effects of online porn, a 16-year-old girl’s bowel was so badly injured during group anal sex that she needs to use a colostomy bag for the rest of her life.

The teen reportedly suffered the life-changing injury while copying scenes seen in violent porn, according to an Australian Broadcasting Company News investigation.

But, sadly, Australia’s national broadcaster was told that the girl’s horrific experience was just one in a string of serious injuries to result from porn-addicted Australians trying to imitate aggressive sex they’ve watched online.


Porn is the symptom, slutty ho-bags are the disease.

Our women are now so thoroughly corrupted of mind, heart, vagina, and soul that they are eagerly launching themselves into group anal sex (with no doubt a few vibrants in the mix) and destroying their rectums, necessitating the use of colostomy bags.

In a few generations we’ve gone from happy homemakers to colostomy girls.

The cleansing fire has its work cut out for it.


KingofQueans gives a shout-out to Colostomy Girls.

Its well known that the majority of married women are easy to pull and put on your plate roster.  She has the ultimate security of provisioning of her sexual strategy satisfied and insured, so her AF urge is in full swing.

I’m not going to delve to deep into AF/BB and pulling married women, I am here to tell you why whenever you hookup with a married woman you must ALWAYS fuck her in the ass.

The primary reason a married woman is fucking you on the side NSA is because you are attractive and she wants your sperm so she can have hot Alpha babies that BB will pay for.   The primary reason you are fucking a married woman is because you are a sexual beast who doesn’t give a fuck and wants to own her as your sexual slave, knowing full well that her hubby can never have such a privilege because he gets all the other ‘sides’ of her that you don’t want nor have to deal with.

With the above stated, you cannot give that married woman the satisfaction of feeling you in her pussy.  You must fuck her in the ass because it is the worst possible tease in the world for her.  She feels your dominant cock pounding her and pumping her anus full of hot cum, but she doesn’t achieve her grand objective of getting your babies.  She will become the most submissive, dirty super-slore for you if you carrot-dangle penetrative sex with her.  Add her to your rotation for anal and blowjobs, but never the PIV.   This also gives her the ultimate plausible deniability if ever questioned or confronted.  ‘We never had sex!’ Or to herself ‘well that was anal so it didn’t count as cheating.’

The only time it is appropriate to do PIV is after she has begged, session after session, to feel you inside her, that you bust a massive load in her and create a cuckspawn.  She will have become so sexually degraded by you at this point that even if her current BetaBux leaves her, she won’t come to you for support. She will find a new Betabux.  The risk here is yours to take.

Why bother if you aren’t fucking her pussy you ask?   Well the answer is easy.  You have other girls for that, and you just don’t give a fuck because you are the shit.

Fuck Franzen, the best literature is right here at this blog.


From Doktor Jeep,

I have a friend who has a colostomy bag. Though his reason is not so degenerate. Basically a fellow standing next to him got blown up by an RPG and the parts of that fellow tore through him and wrecked his bowels.
Anyway, it’s not a good trip having to wear a bag of shit for the rest of your life. My friend has no butthole either. He can’t fart. I tell him I’d kill myself if I could not fart any more. Nothing like giving an irritating woman a “Dutch Oven” to inspire her to call a cab.
Certainly a shit bag on the hip is going to lower a woman’s SMV a bit.

Holy colostomy, the comments lately have been off the chain!


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