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The Trumpian Knot

Here’s how Trump could cut the Gordian Knot.

Pow wow with the remaining moderate Dems. Tell them you will work with them on increased taxes on the wealthy (Jeff Bozo hardest hit) and on anti-trust suits and even on some form of universal health insurance in exchange for his immigration restriction demands.

Tell them he can’t work with “stuck in the mud old dems like pelosi” or with “those communist lunatics on the far left”. Say that the glory is theirs if they work with him to move America away from neoliberalism and neoconnery. They will get credit and their constituents will approve.
The DSA commies and the shtetl Dems will be isolated, and blocked off from the new alignment. But Trump has to act fast. The Deep State Silent Coup now emboldened by the Dem House will swallow him whole if he dawdles.

Everything can be revisited later and reversed if desired, but demographic displacement is forever. This is his hill to die on.


A reader, J.H., is pessimistic,

Not gonna happen.

This is going to end with Trump using executive power and blocs of states refusing to comply, which will constitute de facto secession.

There is no pulling this out of the fire. There is no reality where the Democrats compromise with Trump.

In dark moments, I fear this future is more likely.


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