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Taunt Of The Week

Bonus TOTW:

Haha, best Twatterer ever.

But…..still doesn’t make up for this glibly dumb tweet by our President:

Mass immigration of peasants lowers the wages of working class Americans. Mass immigration of code monkeys lowers the wages of white collar Americans. Both types of immigration ruin the aesthetics of America and fray the social contract.

America has plenty of smart, talented people who can be trained and educated for high skill jobs, AT A DECENT WAGE. But of course the oligarchs would rather import their skilled workers on the cheap from countries that aren’t exactly known for having values and ideals in line with American values and ideals.

If Trump wants to win over some of the Berniebros-slash-AOCsoys saddled with college debt and no high wage prospects, he had better turn hard against H-1Bs. This comment by him is just silly and wrongheaded, not to mention at odds with what he has previously said on the subject:

From a reader,

You have understand Trump’s a boomer. He knows what boomers know. So we have to tell him these things. Give him the truth and he seems to act on it.

Ann Coulter almost single-handedly got Trump to back down from signing the original spending bill that had no funding for the Wall, and it cost her Trump’s following on Twatter. But it worked.


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