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Aging, retired porn whore Jenna Jameson did not like Yann Moix pointing out that 50-year-old women are unloveable. She bitched back at him on Twatter. You’ve gotta read the responses in that thread to appreciate just how brutally this walking diseased orifice who opened herself to thousands of cocks to make a living was owned by a crew of shitlords with no patience for fluffing another slore for the skankocracy.

Hey #YannMoix this is 45. Am I still loveable, you crummy little troll? #packyourpens #yourecancelled pic.twitter.com/hSnFnd7rMP

— Jenna Jameson (@jennajameson) January 8, 2019

She unleashed a beast…

You weren’t lovable once Tito was able to fit his cracked skull into your anus. so like since you were at like 33?

— Legalize Ranch 2019 (@LegalizeRanch19) January 9, 2019

My friends liked it, and you responded. Don’t you have some pills to take so you can live with yourself for another night of work on cam for a dwindling audience? You used to give great interviews to Stern, slurring your speech and falling asleep at 9:30 in the morning.

— Legalize Ranch 2019 (@LegalizeRanch19) January 9, 2019


— Chad Clemons (@ChadClemons4) January 9, 2019

There’s no safe space for glorified hookers anymore. The id monster roams freely.

PS Jameson sobered up, got married, and had a daughter (who is a good bet to grow up to be a high-def receptacle like her mom). I suppose that’s a lifestyle improvement, but you really have to wonder about the man* who would wife up a Wall-imminent ex-porn actress with a back entrance video catalog of all the men she fucked before him. Talk about sloppy thousandths. It’s one thing to make an honest woman of a fresh-muffed college girl with a few regrets in her short life; it’s quite another to rescue a has-been slam pig from the brink of spinsterhood and lay with her aglow in delusional self-satisfaction as if your pink legume has a chance of applying any friction to a vagina warped beyond recognition by the jackhammering of a caravan of migrant cocks.

PPS I have to laugh at Jameson for becoming indignant at slurs against her age, but indifferent toward and even proud of insults directed at her career of spreading her legs on camera for random pile driving. This goes to show just how badly the Wall shiv pierces female vitals; women know at the deepest hindbrain level that their window of sexual allure is only open for a brief spell, and shuts with an authoritative thud. Zero-point-sero SMV is the threat that women fear most.

*Wonder no more. Here is a pic and relevant bio of Jameson’s hubby (he’s an Israeli criminal….the phyzz is hilariously on-point):

My speculation on the nature of Jameson’s marriage was correct. She converted to judaism as part of an implicit deal with her shyster israeli husband: “I’ll be all the [special person] you want if you rescue me from suicidal post-porn depression”.

A lifetime of shameful whoring and the approach of the Wall wonderfully focuses a ho’s mind on the value of becoming very pliable to the demands of men.


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