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Shooting Snapper In A Barrel

An emailer supplies this hideous emblem of Western estrogenesis,

I’ve never personally seen anything more beta and revolting than this, so I thought I will submit this to your blog.

This poster was for a party at a student dorm in Germany.

Is that Esssra Klein in the middle?

The right side reads, “party without the patriarchy! last party of the year!”

What we have here is a snarling battlecunt going to a party to get fall-down drunk, fuck the bouncer, and soak timid, demoralized betas for free booze while keeping a finger resting on her “MeToo hotline” number should one of the betas insolently open his mouth to say hi, in no particular order.

No doubt there are thirsty soyboys lining up for the privilege.

Funny thing is, these parties don’t have to be billed as such for this dynamic to happen naturally anywhere the gynarcho-tyranny is the de facto governing social system. Advertising and marketing are just now catching up to a reality that has been brewing for a long time: all female whims catered, all female vice excused, and the mediocre masses of vegetable lasagnas get blamed for the ruin left in the wake of our liberated wahmen.

Even funnier, the poster is an invitation to assholes, who are the closest approximation to oppressive patriarchs in the modern West, to raid the dorm party and easily slip into the role of the rebellious badboy to give these cunts the battlefield defeat they so desperately desire. It’s like shooting snapper in a barrel.

She’ll be at this party:


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