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Chateau Policy Reminder

There has been an uptick in zero-commenter-cred passers-by attempting to use this blog’s comment section to smear the names of their perceived enemies by associating them with this blog in some form or another. There’s no good term for this sort of vengeful, guilt by association doxing, so let’s just go with that.

Numerous comments that have included the full names (and sometimes addresses) of random non-public people (putatively ex-lovers or ex-spouses) have been deleted, and unfortunately the moderation has had to stiffen up to prevent repeat offenders from spamming comment threads with the names of people they want associated with a “deplorable” blog.

CH proprietors don’t tolerate actively hostile doxing campaigns, no matter how much the vengeful doxer may think their ex-boyfriend or ex-wife deserves it. If an IP is connected to one of these surreptitious doxing campaigns, it will be banned.

This is our world now. Scummy people have realized the power of the dox and guilt by association with dissident broadsheets, and they are leveraging the stifling thoughtcrime suppression to ruin lives in acts of personal vendetta.

As always, anonymity remains the operative principle of this blog, and readers are not just afforded maximum anonymity here, but are encouraged to use pseudonyms. Anyone who requests a comment deleted for personal reasons will be obliged as quickly as possible.

PS Without revealing too much, it’s gotten so bad lately that guilt-by-association dox victims have emailed desperate requests to remove their names from comments here. Unfortunately, it’s easy to miss a few, but we try to honor every request for privacy.


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