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Argumentum Ad Technicalitum

This is argumentum ad technicalitum, a favorite pastime of disingenuous shitlibs and scaredy-cat libertarians. Sure, a well-tanned White person won’t get stupider, but skin color has always colloquially referred to a genetically inherited trait, and yes darker skin IS associated with intra- and inter-racial lower IQ and higher aggressiveness.


S.K. adds,

There is a basket of other traits anecdotally observed to be racially different. Aggression, time preference, maturity, pair bonding, and so on. None of these seem to be directly associated with simple IQ. I’m idly curious whether those differences will ever be defined.

Right, IQ isn’t the only important human trait under the sun, but IQ does appear to play a modulating role for all of those traits S.K. listed. There are apparently correlations of varying strength between a simple g factor and a host of well-researched psychological traits, but none are perfectly mutually predictive, which is why we occasionally come across smart, impulsive people or dumb, conscientious people.

And of course these correlations must be controlled for race, because there are large average racial differences as well as intra-racial differences along all those behavioral and cognitive dimensions.

It’s time for otherwise smart men like Molyneux to stop cravenly abiding shitlib nostrums. Cowardice is more costly when the hour is late.


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