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I enjoyed this disquisition by Galactic Lebensraumist,

The MGTOW is the man above time, holding himself apart from the swamp of globohomo by disengaging from women entirely and pursuing a purely personal emancipation from esterogenic soydom.

The PUA – think Neil Strauss – is the man in time, utilizing ruthless manipulation in the dispassionate pursuit of pussy for no other reason than to maximize his notch count … not because he deserves coochie on account of his superior genetics, but in service to his penis, simply because it is his penis.

The manosphere captain – think Roosh or Heartiste – is the man against time, engaging all the wiles of game with the goal of dominating our wayward women, re-establishing the natural hierarchy, and thus re-asserting the guiding hand of benevolent patriarchy over our fallen snivelization.

I agree in spirit if not in law with the substance of this comment, but stylistically this is unassailable. Brava! I was moved to a half-chub.


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