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The Jerkboy Allure Anthem

All women love a challenging man. From a commenter,

I think you’ll love these lyrics from Kesha’s song “Stephen”:

[Verse 2]
I’ve got guys waiting in a line
For me to play my evil girly games with all their minds
Just watch me, I’ve got it down to a simple art
Just bat my eyes like this, and there’s a broken heart
But somehow, you turned the tables, what the hell?
I can charm the pants of anyone else but you

Stephen, why won’t you call me?
I’m sitting here waiting
Why won’t you call me?
Stephen, I’m feeling pathetic
I can’t take rejection
Why won’t you call me?

Female hypergamy is fed by male neediness. It is starved by male aloofness. And when a woman is heart-hungry for a man, she’ll go to great lengths — and great widths — to prove she is worth his attention.

Jerkboys are alluring to women because they don’t feed women’s allure. Beta bux “waiting in a line” to fluff her ego can only follow the script she gives them, but Sir Stephen* flips the script — “you turned the tables” — and resists her charms, or at least acts like he resists.

A man not falling to his knees to polish her pussy pedestal? Outrageous! (and oddly arousing) The jerkboy doesn’t wait in lines; he makes girls wait in a line for the pleasure of his pumpery.

CH Maxim #1: Love to a girl is when she feels a man could reject her any moment. Then her heart opens to the romantic possibilities.

horrible song.

*catch that literary ref


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