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Reprinted in full, a comment from The Rebbe that reminds us just how strange and dangerous are the times we live in.

This is all very simple: you may not realize it, but you are living through the biggest event in the 3000+ years of the West, The Battle of Tours, Moses giving the laws on Sinai, the Sermon on the Mount, Fall of Rome, etc., this is all washed away by the Islamic conquest of Europe and the Aztec/Islamic peoples conquering the USA. There is no pretext of rational benefit from this revolution, just raw power politics and malice. That we can’t even *discuss this revolution* in polite society is beyond comprehension. Instead, there’s unending gas-lighting and silencing. It’s a daily struggle for even the sober minded to maintain sanity. That people will resort to unhinged terrorism against this revolution is regrettable, but perfectly predictable.

I’ve feared this happening for years and my fellow Altjews have tried to mollify anger, but there’s not much you can do when the rest of US Jews are so maddening. Props to Netanyahu and his support of Orban, but the cold hard ethnohistory is that about 95% of US Jews are descended from Russian refugees. They arrived here impoverished and ignorant of Western politics. They were weaponized off the boat by an alleged Sabbatean (a Jewish Satanist) named Rabbi Steven Samuel Wise (the “Red Rabbi”), who converted Reformed and “Conservative” Judaism into the de facto “Democratic Party at Prayer.” Boss Tweed weaponized the Irish in a similar fashion, but Wise, through his impact on Reformed/Conservative theology, had a more profound and lasting impact. Many one to three generations from this cohort will sympathize with the Hondurans trying to invade our country and think it hypocritical not to back other refugees.

It’s notable that all the deceased were elderly, and that young Jewish men are surprisingly right wing. The “Ostjuden” are finally learning the truth about the Left in the West. Hopefully times will change, and these cohorts of Jewry trapped in the past will leave the stage soon for a younger generation.

Is the willful invitation/imposition of Mass Diversity from shitholes and other lands filled with people antagonistic to Western values unprecedented in history? If it is, then throw away your Decline and Fall of The Roman Empire guidebook and your Turchin cycles, because we’re in uncharted territory. Where we go from here is anyone’s guess.

FYI I never understood the logical appeal of “If X in the past, then X^2 in perpetuity”. Just because we let in some bubbes eighty years ago doesn’t mean we have to let in Somalis until the earth is engulfed by a dying red giant sun. That’s not hypocrisy, it’s sane policy.

The Rebbe is an interesting commenter, but I’m skeptical of his “Russian Jews inculcated by a malevolent rabbi stateside are the root of the Globohomo problem” theory. Ashkenazi Jews of non-Russian East European provenance are, it seems to me, as rabidly globohomo as russian jews (accepting that perhaps many of those EE Jews were initially migrants from Russia). I lean toward the MacDonaldian theory that Jews psychologically evolved under very unqiue conditions in Medieval Europe to be extreme leftist universalists toward outgroups and clannish within the group. But I’m open to evidence for opposing theories (such as the high outmarriage rate of American Jews).


Great comment from anonymousse, providing a stiff shot of bristling perspective,

I’ve said this before (can’t remember-this blog or a different one?), but it is literally unprecedented in human history. Populations have been replaced-the Amerindians replacement is one obvious example. And populations have been replaced quickly-whether a Greek City state was wiped out and replaced, a population (French from Algeria, German settlers in the Baltics post WWII, and on and on) has happened.

But the replacement of Amerindians took 300 years (1600-1900, give or take). The quick replacements mentioned were in months or years, but involved thousands of people.

Today’s replacement-in scale and speed, is literally historically unprecedented.
The United States: the third largest country in the world: 220-300 million people in my lifetime.
When I was a 6 year old kid, that 220 million people had an insignificant number of Hispanics and a stark minority of blacks (roughly 11%). Today, I am not yet old (early 50’s). This country is now 1/3 Hispanic and an additional 1/6 black (and rising Asian/others). In 45 years-far less than a lifetime- the population of this continent has been, effectively, half replaced. If Russia were half replaced by Chinese (or Indians, or Congolese, etc etc) in 45 years, that would be incomprehensible. That is literally happening in this country.

Several decades ago, I marveled at what English of a certain age lived through. Winston Churchill went to Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee as a child. England at the time was the strongest its ever been, and the most dominant Empire in human history. Winston Churchill, as an old man, saw England literally reduced to an insignificant island nation in control of itself and effectively nothing else.

We are living through a similar transformation right now.


AM comments on the perpetual jewish war against the Catholic Church:

Prominent Jewish historians and authorities have spoken openly about their roles in either initiating or supporting most of the major movements against the authority of the (Catholic, i.e., only authentic) Church, going all the way back to antiquity. Maurice Pinay wrote an excellent book just before Vatican II, perfectly predicting what the aim and result of that Council would be; the book details subterfuge against the Church from Apostolic times through to Communism and the Modernist heretics preparing to attend the Council.

Most importantly, he does this by citing Jewish sources – Sir Cecil Roth, Rabbi Lewis Brown’s “Short History of the Jews,” the Judaeo-Hispanic Encyclopedia, etc., who in their own turn cite primary, Jewish sources – to demonstrate that, more than being mere “anti-semitic” assertions, Jewish authorities themselves recognize a prominent Jewish role in these events. Modernity would say the goodness or badness of that role is “in the eye of the beholder.”

His chapter on the Arian heresy is one of the weakest in the book, though he does point out that, as at other times in history (Pelagian heresy, Julian the Apostate, etc.), it was the bishops of Palestine (the area with the largest Jewish population) who rehabilitated an already condemned heretic and gave succour to the heresy before the decisive, Roman condemnation was enacted. If the chapter on Arius is weak, the chapters showing the fundamentally Jewish origins, support and character of Protestantism, along with the logically pre- and post-Protestant ideologies (i.e., Albigensians, Waldensians, Hussites, Lollards & Freemasons, Liberals, Socialists and Communists, respectively, are stronger.

Protestantism as a fundamentally jewish breakaway sect. Interesting.


BrachaBenedicta on drawing distinctions between the Ostjuden and the Deutschjuden that are irrelevant in the current geopolitical configuration.

The Ostjuden angle may have been relevant a century ago, but right now it’s a moot point. There has been a de facto merger between the more genteel, outwardly assimilated German Jews and the loud, chutzpahdik Ostjuden.


Yeah, Ostjuden historically were prone to open commie-worship while German Jews busied themselves polishing up Reform Judaism, a movement invented with the goal of having your cake and eating it too (remaining nominally “Jewish” while basically assimilating. I mean, reformers call their synagogues freakin “temple” and have choir . There ain’t no more temple and choir is alien to traditional Jewish worship. But I digress).

As far as intermarriage, if anything it’s making it worse. A lot of them intermarry with high achieving nonwhites, which amps up their anti-heritage America hostility. As to those who marry heritage Americans, they are tortured by never ending inner conflict and guilt for having intermarried, and they take it out on their poor spouses and kids.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. If you are a diaspora Jew overwhelmed by identity conflict and inner turmoil, you need to go live in Israel. That’s the only answer. Sure, it ain’t as nice as living among civilized gentiles but what use is all this material comfort if you’re living in constant inner misery?

Everybody else, relegate your Jewish identity to the same role that ethnicity occupies among other heritage Americans. Assimilate not just in form but also in substance.

By the way, never trust anyone who refers to themselves as “culturally Jewish”. That’s code for “I’m an obnoxious SOB who’s too chicken to go live in Israel as a real Jew so I’ll keep living my comfortable life out here among you naive goyim”. You can be an observant Jew or merely an ethnic Jew. But not “culturally Jewish”.
Peace to all my goyische readers. I’m sorry. This all sux. I know.


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