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False flags — a deceptive covert operation which frames a person or group as responsible for the event (usually criminal) while disguising the real source — aren’t figments alighting from the realm of tinfoil hat conspiracy theorizing. It isn’t crazy to speculate that a crime may be a false flag if there are unusual circumstances surrounding it. It’s natural and normal to question authority, particularly when that authority has been on a tear discrediting itself.

Naturally, an addiction to baseless speculation can lead to seeing conspiracies where there are none. But that doesn’t mean the opposite — a healthy regard for circumstantial and oddly incongruent evidence that raises questions about the source of an activity, especially an event that seems planned and timed to generate maximum media coverage to the advantage of one group over another — is ipso facto an exercise in self-deluding futility.

For instance, if you think false flags are impossible, remember that they have happened, and closer to home false flags have been planned by American Deep State operatives. From Sailer commenter Tim Howells, an excerpt from the Operation Northwoods documents:

For anyone who considers the idea of false-flags or covert government manipulation absurd in this context , please consider the Northwoods Operations proposed by the Joint Chiefs in 1963 to justify an invasion of Cuba to get rid of Castro. I guarantee that the current heirs of these guys have much greater capabilities than they did, and are much more concerned about Trump than they were about Castro. Some excerpts (emphasis mine) Note that having lots of alternatively real or phony casualties is not considered a problem:


2. A series of well coordinated incidents will be planned to take place in and around Guantanamo to give genuine appearance of being done by hostile Cuban forces.

a. Incidents to establish a credible attack (not in chronological order):

(2) Land friendly Cubans in uniform “over-the-fence” to stage attack on base.
(3) Capture Cuban (friendly) saboteurs inside the base.
(4) Start riots near the base main gate (friendly Cubans).
(5) Blow up ammunition inside the base; start fires.
(6) Burn aircraft on air base (sabotage).
(7) Lob mortar shells from outside of base into base. Some damage to installations.
(8) capture assault teams approaching from the sea or vicinity of Guantanamo City.
(9) Capture militia group which storms the base.
(10) Sabotage ship in harbor; large fires — napthalene.
(11) Sink ship near harbor entrance. Conduct funerals for mock-victims (may be lieu of (10)).

a. We could blow up a US ship in Guantanamo Bay and blame Cuba.

b. We could blow up a drone (unmanned) vessel anywhere in the Cuban waters. We could arrange to cause such incident in the vicinity of Havana or Santiago as a spectacular result of Cuban attack from the air or sea, or both. The presence of Cuban planes or ships merely investigating the intent of the vessel could be fairly compelling evidence that the ship was taken under attack. The nearness to Havana or Santiago would add credibility especially to those people that might have heard the blast or have seen the fire. The US could follow up with an air/sea rescue operation covered by US fighters to “evacuate” remaining members of the non-existent crew. Casualty lists in US newspapers would cause a helpful wave of national indignation.

4. We could develop a Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in Washington. The terror campaign could be pointed at refugees seeking haven in the United States. We could sink a boatload of Cubans enroute to Florida (real or simulated). We could foster attempts on lives of Cuban refugees in the United States even to the extent of wounding in instances to be widely publicized.Exploding a few plastic bombs in carefully chosen spots, the arrest of Cuban agents and the release of prepared documents substantiating Cuban involvement, also would be helpful in projecting the idea of an irresponsible government.

It’s a good thing that Americans are becoming less trusting of our ruling scumlords, because our ruling scumlords have done quite a lot to make themselves less trustworthy over the past few decades. Elite overthrow begins with loss of faith in the invulnerability and rectitude of the elite.

Segueing to recent unpleasantness, both the Parkland and Pittsburgh shootings have very strange coincidences surrounding them, the strangest being that both locations had relatively recently hosted near them active shooter drills by the FBI:

In January, the FBI was involved in an active shooter drill at a Pittsburgh Jewish community center. Nine months later, it was attacked for real. Only TWO cities in the entire USA had a shooter drill involving both the FBI and a Jewish center. Crazy coincidence. pic.twitter.com/bmMWlnFHeh

— Roosh (@rooshv) October 28, 2018

This definitely falls under “things that make you go hmmm”.

It’s all probably a coincidence…

or maybe, just maybe, it’s not.

False flags are rare, and inconceivable to normies weaned on esteeming revered American institutions. But their rarity and inconceivability aren’t proof positive that false flags are outside reality. They are real, and they could happen. They have happened. And they are more likely to happen now with the eager cooperation of a captured media. If we have stumbled into a false flag, then America ought to buckle up, because this ride is about to fly off the rails.

PS How suspicious am I? Let’s say that if there was an FBI active shooter drill near me, I’d avoid public venues for a while.

PPS Another inconvenient incongruence that raises red flags of false flags:

Where’s ATF or the bomb squad? Why is no one establishing a perimeter?
How did they know the vehicle was safe to transport?
Where is forensics?
Why are there no uniformed police or EMTs? pic.twitter.com/jWGW52tBJn

— Chief Loki (@LokiJulianus) October 27, 2018

PPPS Putting the pieces together, my working theory is that the DemoMediaDeepState Party is VERY nervous about not taking the House from Republicans in two weeks and snuffing out the myriad investigations into the unraveling coup against President Trump now gaining steam under Republican oversight.

So nervous they are for their continued freedom, in fact, that some of them, along with willing operatives up and down the chain of command, might be willing to take some very drastic measures to ensure Democrats take the House.


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