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How many Americans have heard of Dylann Roof? How soon will Robert Bowers become a household name?

*tens of millions of hands go up*

Great. Now how many Americans have heard of Gavin Long? James Hodgkinson? Emmanuel Samson?

*one hand goes up*

“Arrest that man!”

This article lays it out: there have been a slew of anti-White attacks that barely registered in the media, and that was a consequence of deliberate policy by media executives and editors.

Down the Memory Hole […]

Roof, of course, is the mass murderer who killed nine blacks on a Sunday morning in June of 2015. He hoped to start a race war. Instead, Leftist activists used his act of violence as justification to remove the Confederate flag from the Civil War Memorial in front of the South Carolina capitol.

But you already knew that. The media/corporate/ideological axis of influence made sure of that. Roof’s terrorist act was the subject of innumerable thinkpieces, sermons, and national conversations about race, hate, and violence.

But those first five names? You probably had to look them up. I certainly did.

Gavin Long is the black separatist who murdered three police officers and wounded three others in the wake of protests of the police shooting of Alton Sterling in 2016.

Micah Johnson is another black man who murdered five Dallas police officers and wounded nine others, also in the wake of protests over the death of Alton Sterling in 2016.

James Hodgkinson was the left-wing activist and Bernie Sanders campaign volunteer who attempted to assassinate the Republican congressional baseball team in Arlington, VA in 2017.

Fredrick Scott is the serial killer who murdered five white men on Kansas City hiking trails from 2016 to 2017. He was motivated by a desire to “kill all white people.”

Emmanuel Samson is a Sudanese migrant who murdered one woman and shot seven other worshipers in a Tennessee church service in 2017 as revenge for Dylann Roof’s mass shooting in South Carolina.

None of these men are household names. None of them sparked “national conversations” about the need to tone down anti-white or anti-conservative hatred and prejudice. No flags were removed because of their actions.

Other than concerned attention by some on the political Right and detached “just the facts, ma’am” reporting from the establishment, these terrorist incidents have disappeared from our national collective consciousness.

Indeed, some of these incidents never even entered into the local consciousness in the places they occurred. Fredrick Scott was charged with three of his murders the same week that Heather Heyer was killed during the Charlottesville riots. That Sunday I happened to attend a mega-church in Kansas City. The pastor spoke passionately against the “hate” and “anger” that lead to Heyer’s death in Virginia a thousand miles away, but didn’t say a word about the racist serial killer in his own backyard.

The real power of the media rests in its ability to lock news out of the public consciousness, rather than to pass off lies that are at risk of exposure by skeptics. The media do lie, but their Narrative-crafting force comes predominately from selective reporting, and then from information management to frame what they do report in either the most negative or positive light, depending on its usefulness to the media’s aims.

Instead of being flushed down the memory hole, the [Pittsburgh] incident will almost certainly become a centerpiece for another “national conversation” about Donald Trump’s rhetoric, the supposed widespread irrational prejudice on the American Right, and the need for additional censorship of “hate-thought” by Silicon Valley’s techno-oligarchs.

Gab is still down.

The question of whether or not an atrocity will be forgotten or remembered rests entirely on the identity of the perpetrator and the victims. If the victims are members of protected liberal classes—such as Jews, blacks, and Muslims—and the perpetrator is not, i.e., he is a white male, then the attack will become a touchstone for lectures on tolerance and the need to fight hate, conveniently defined as the entire conservative right.

If the identity of victim and perpetrator are reversed the attack is simply “heartbreaking” to the extent it is acknowledged at all. Then it is forgotten.

This is how the politicization of tragedy works in our America.

There is no hate speech, unless there is also anti-White hate speech. Right now, the media harangues Whites as collectively guilty for the former, and denies Whites collective or individual suffering for the latter.

This is untenable. The D+P=W tension is straining the last strands of American social cohesion. Something’s gonna give. If one group keeps getting shat upon, eventually that group will stop offering their faces as a toilet.

A captured media means a media disproportionately owned and operated by one group, acting as both propaganda arm and communications director for one political party, reporting the same news the same way to push a particular narrative, and converging like an activated drone army to discredit, disallow, or dismiss any story or any person which threatens the media’s lock on perception management.

I’ve written about it before, but it’s worth repeating as often as I can until hearts and minds have opened to the possibility.

The leftoid media won’t change.


Leftoids are leftoids to the bone, and are too invested in their egos to ever see the light and act with integrity. Their allegiance is cast.

The only way to reform the media is by culling, preferably though mass firings, at least HALF of the leftoids marbled throughout the Media Indoctrination Complex. Executives, editors, copywriters, lowly beat reporters….half of them need to be tossed out and replaced with shitlords, nationalists, and realtalkers.

And HALF is the bare minimum. No guarantee that will do the trick, but it’ll be a start.

What the media is now is their own worst enemy. Isolated, insular, haughty, and drunk with power, they act unimpeded as a single entity to crush the hopes of Heritage Americans, swarming and devouring any Truth or Beauty that penetrates in the slightest their tailored veil of Lies and Ugliness.

And the media, when it lies, lies big and small — little snubs like not writing “President” before Trump, or labeling Republicans “Donald Trump’s Republicans” when they want to associate a possible House loss with Trumpism (something they’d never do with Obama); big snubs like refusing to report on the pantifa instigation of violence at C’ville, or exploiting a singular mass shooting to propagandize for more mass immigration and refugees which destroys heartland communities and further destabilizes American society.

There is HARDLY ANYONE nestled within the media ranks who will act as a check on colleagues cranking up the anti-White hate machine to “Seek and Destroy”. No one who will edit their colleagues’ anti-White pabulum for accuracy, or tone it down for decency. No one who will take a co-worker aside and say, “Hey, Noah, maybe you should lay off the anti-Trump hysterics”. No one who will chide a media apparatchik when the story is wrong, or hyperbolic, or misleading. No one who will manage the op-ed page for quality, providing a balance of voices or refusing ink space to the worst anti-Whites.

The change will have to come from outside the Ministry of Dupe. Fake News has proven itself INCAPABLE of policing itself. They are a runaway train of bitter rage, on a collision course with utter disgrace.

The change will come in two forms: a parallel media universe of Heritage Americans that deepens the partisan and cultural rift in America, and noble infiltrators who capitalize on moments of vulnerability in the Chaimstream Media that open when Trump baits them into revealing their disgusting bias.

I think, as tumultuous and uncertain as is this age we’re living through, I wouldn’t have it any other way. We have front row seats to a decades-old rotten corrupt system collapsing before our widened eyes. It is magnificent. And we were a big part of bringing it forth.

CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, NPR, Yahoo, AP, Reuters, Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post, Carlos Slim’s New York Times….your reign is coming to a close. And you did it to yourselves.


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