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The Globohomo Corporatocracy is the unholy union of rootless, deracinated corporate fat cats with academia and the bureaucratic State. It is a tri-headed beast with three objectives:

  • make boatloads of money on the backs of cheap labor
  • endlessly saturate the airwaves with neoliberal pozpaganda
  • silence dissent from their rule

War in some form will come later, but for now the best recourse of dissidents is to ruthlessly mock the Corporatocracy. Belittle their presumptions, shatter their hubris, discredit their rule. And for the love of Heritage America, avoid stuffing their wallets when you have alternatives available.

To wit:

Better names for our putative overlords:

Clitflix, Fapple, Goolag, Twatter, Faceborg, Amazog.

Use these terms wherever and whenever. If enough dissidents get these words into the public consciousness, the globalists will catch wind of them, and they will feel the sting. We will have hurt them. And that, most importantly, will prove to themselves that they are vulnerable.

They can be brought to heel.


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