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This is already old news, but worth posting about because it’s a showcase of the female id completely unleashed. Read on, and feel your horror and revulsion grow (and your boner run for hiding).

“For once, let me take the stage”  Just a hunch, but I’ll bet she’s taken the stage many times in her life.

Great, another single mom to add to the flowering dystopia that is America. When I read this excerpt, I’m reminded of that newspaper delivery boy in one of those ’80s John Cusack cult classic movies, who rides his bike furiously after Cusack’s character trying to collect his “$2” payment. MY TWO DOLLARS, I WANT MY TWO DOLLARS.


“CASH UP FRONT, CUNTS” ==> marriage material.

FYI, translating from Unholy Bitch-ese, “I’ve heard of people asking for worse” means “I have a lot of allies in email. I swear.”

The romance is dead in this soulless termagant. Men are the romantic sex, women are the avaricious sex. A man thinks a Vegas wedding, while cheesy, is also romantic. What better tribute to the love for each other than a vow made under financial constraints? Some women would agree, others would grin and bear it, and a few distilled cunts like this broad would break up an engagement over the merest suggestion.

“She KNOWS my fucking DREAM was a blowout wedding”

Lady, everyone has dreams, that doesn’t mean everyone deserves $60K to fulfill their dreams. If you want to realize your DREAM, then put in the work and don’t expect others to hoist you on a cloud of your own petulant megalomaniacal egotism.

“I just wanted to be a kardashian for a day…”

lol like it would only be a day. This bitch would be whoring it up with mace dindus until kid #2 was delivered to the sound of nurses dropping their trays in shock.

Do you hear the resignation in her voice? That’s what’s happening to shitlibs all over America in the age of Trump. It’s music to the ears.

Moral of the tale: American women have become insufferable. We need a Patriarchal Reset.


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