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LRV: Liberal Radio Voice

More people like Major1 are noticing that leftoid males and females have speaking voices that belie their sexuality. Or more precisely, defy their sexuality.

Off topic.
Pertaining to the recurrent “physiognomy is real” topic.
Just got back from antelope hunting so spent many hours in the truck driving across the state and back. Got rid of satellite radio a few months back so I just had regular radio to listen to. Weirdly, even in those forlorn places where I couldn’t pick up any other stations, I could frequently pick up public radio.
Just as physiognomy is real, so are voices. There is without question a liberal voice. At least a liberal radio voice (LRV).
The male LRV is high, thin and reedy. It originates in the throat, and is inflected with bursts of vocal fry and uptalk. It soothes. It’s the way one talks to a troubled child or menacing pit bull.
The female LRV is low and sonorous. All traces of humor and independent thought sandblasted away by SSRI’s and hours of diversity training and womyn’s studies.
There’s a quite subtle patronizing undertone to the female LRV, as if she is patiently explaining something to a person of limited intelligence. The listener can vividly see her straight medium brown hair, no makeup, problem glasses, frumpy tan blouse and faded jeans that are too tight in the ass and too loose in the thighs.
Now go over to you tube and find clips of Lee Marvin or Gregory Peck. Why don’t men sound like that anymore?

The male LRV may soothe fellow soyboys and shrews, but it grates on my ears no end. I think that’s true for any man who isn’t an effeminate milksop, and likely true as well for feminine women who don’t hate their own sex. Masculine men and feminine women are repulsed by uptalking phaggy males of the NPR (Neutered Pantywaist Radio) variety.

Likewise for the female LRV, which is equally creepy as the male LRV, but in the other direction: it’s a de-feminized voice that attempts (badly) to mimic a paternalistic male voice, by scrapping any vocal peculiarities that could identify the speaker as a biological woman (except for the higher natural pitch of women, which is hard to lower without hormone therapy and surgery).

All the shitlib males on public radio — the reporters, the anchors, the guests, and the callers — have LRV. The story is more complicated on the female side, where the reporterettes and anchorettes have adopted that androgynous voice of discomfort with their female-ness, while the female guests and callers maintain the vocal fry and uptalking that likely influences the shitlib male orbiters to acquire by osmosis.

The LRV is the uncanny valley of vocal robotics: vaguely human, but just inhuman enough that the listener’s hair stands on the back of his neck. My teeth clench when I hear it, especially from males, and it’s so ubiquitous now that those rare occasions when I hear a throwback masculine male voice anywhere — low, gravelly, self-controlled, rich, active voice — my mind is eased and all seems right with the world.



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