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dblr619 passed this along in quotes, so I assume the source is from somewhere else, therefore the COTW will be held in absentia by governing authorities until the source is located and can be awarded.

“Men are becoming the women they want and women are becoming the men they need.”

Nothing good will come from this. Fertility drops like a stone when the mating market has inverted. The good news is that it’s self-correcting in the long run. And the correction will be, in a word, magnificent.


There are two COTW runners-up. First, this instant evisceration of femcunt talking points, from orange appled,

Girls in Romania grow up in orphanages under horrific conditions and endure abuse. They come to America and become doctors. An American woman gets groped at a party and it becomes the defining moment of her life.

American women are world class liars. That’s the difference.

Second, this comment from Screwtape, with a stirring reminder that sides in the war are forming now, and you’d best choose wisely,

Yes. There are sides.

This fact is becoming increasingly clear to even the sportsball and cubefarm drafthorse men.

The left’s treatment of the kkkav affair and its disgusting, irrational, and openly hostile antics are curdling the milk.

Even the passive, apolitical goodwhite man is now having trouble taking pulls from the jug.

Meanwhile, the leftists have turned it up to 11. The silver lining is that at that volume even some osterich men are going to hear the message: you are the enemy; we want you enslaved or dead and we don’t really care which.

The average man can tolerate a lot of shit sammies. But when he follows the rules (for white men) 99% of the time and yet can be convicted in the kangaroo court of media and cultmarx overlords for an unfounded accusation, the 1% sword of democales in perpetuity is a non-starter. His life can go to zero at any point. F that.

The thing is: There have always been sides. We will return to the truth of the battle between good and evil: the cult of death vs civilization. Men will be forced to choose.

Indicting all white men is liberating them to take thier stand. Why bother playing nice, cucking along in relative peace (enslavement) when you are the enemy, fodder for thier cause?

We have reached the open hypergamy of politics.

Speaking of which, on a recent biz trip, a newly awakened buddy returns to tell me “Im really starting to love Trump”. Then goes on about how two of his uber drivers were Rational Male readers and the normally passive goodwhite guys in Chicago were all spitting fire over the K trials.

The alpha fux beta bux of sociopolitics is running aground. God willing, this maddness will spawn men with full chests.

We’re no longer slow-boiling the frog. We’re smashing it against the wall. And Pepe has had enough.

2018, and beyond, won’t be the Year of the Woman as the media desperately wishes into existence. It will be the Year of the White Man. And he is ready for the fight.


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