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“What did she have to gain by coming forward to make a false sex assault accusation under oath?”

This is a weak sauce rhetorical gambit that shitlibs have clung to in their effort to buttress Ballsy-Fraud’s credibility and delude themselves that this crank isn’t a total liar.

What did she have to gain?

How about a cool $900K.

Once again, we see Soros’s Satanic fingerprints all over another act of sedition against Heritage America. How is this decrepit monster still freely subverting White nations?……….I mean he is a very old man.

Anyhow, I’m heartened to learn that this HoFundMe scam is being exposed, and that contributors can be prosecuted for making illegal payments to a witness testifying before a Congressional committee.

It would be sweet justice if we were to see pelicangullet in cuffs on her way to prison for making a heinous false sexual assault accusation, and all her shitlib and [very special people] enablers brought before the docket to answer for their crimes aiding and abetting a false witness.

Sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet…..and still waiting.


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