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For those who don’t know, Roosh’s books were banned from Jeff Bezos’ Amazon. Roosh had been selling pickup books for years through the Amazon portal, and one day recently Bezos and the purimaniacal SJWs who infest that place decided a good old-fashioned book-burnin’ was in order, so they disappeared all of Roosh’s books and unpersoned him.

(and the leftoid sneered stupidly, “he deserved it. private corporation, man! free speech doesn’t mean freedom from consequences.”)

This is scary, I’ll admit it. Every day brings news of another dissident thinker exiled from the sphere of public influence. The crackdown and repression of thought criminals is accelerating, with no end in sight, and no one with the power to do anything stepping in to challenge the witch hunters and book burners. HELLO, President Trump? AG Sessions? Have you thought about anti-trust suits against Big Skypey Tech? Nationalization? Any kind of oversight at all?


yeah, how’s that working out for us bleeding edge heretics? The information and monetary gateways and channels are controlled with an iron fist by a few tech monopolies which are run and staffed by the most virulent degenerate leftoids that you ever saw belched up from a Twatter blue check cesspit.

When a few globohomo corporations control nearly any means of communicating with the outside world and getting remunerated for your efforts, then we have, for all practical purposes, the equivalent of the State censoring speech. 1A is violated in spirit if not in technicality.

I know some readers of this blog aren’t fans of Roosh. (hi MPC!) But be warned: you can’t afford to dismiss natural allies over petty indignation at Roosh’s lifestyle. He’s one of you, even if you don’t know it or accept it yet. There’s a much larger totalitarian conflagration threatening to destroy America down to her roots; this is no time to tut-tut Roosh about his caddish ways or hot Persian blood.

We fight The Fuggernaut together to victory, or we fail individually. Laugh at Roosh’s misfortune today; tomorrow it’s your heretic head on the chopping block.

williamk has a great comment about this pressing topic,

Been thinking of the Roosh ban a bit. The left understands their actions are alienating White men and so it is important to them now to cut off entry points to the crime think bonanza. People may like or dislike Roosh but he’s as good of an entry point as there is. In contrast, guys over at Unz Review or others like it have little to fear because they are too intellectual and long-winded to reach your 105 IQ guy, whereas Roosh is logical yet easily digestible. Thats who the banhammer comes for.

Also, its not really an attack on game. They don’t care, promiscuity is part of the globohomo plan. They gave Mystery a reality show. They want men focused on sports, boobs and beer. The connection between game and cultural sickness is their problem. Guys who give tinder tips and stop at that will never be targeted, but anything that gets men thinking beyond the tip of their dick will be on a watchlist.

That’s the crux of it; step outside of your authorized scope of dialogue to draw connections between leftoidism, the sexual market, and American decline, and you will be targeted for removal.

This is a good time for me to praise WordPress for sticking by this blog and letting it live and breathe and fill the world with Beauty and Truth. I’m sure WordPress execs have to battle a daily deluge of shit-tier complaints from hysterical catladies, bluehairs, femcunts, soyboys, and [the special people] to SHUT CH DOWN, and so it’s to their credit that they, nearly alone among the Big Tech communication platforms, has stood by their stated principle to provide a domain where free speech can flourish.

Now that I’ve said that, they’ll shoah it tomorrow.

For all the stürm und drang, the central motivation is put as plainly as possible by commenter guest,

We’re moving into open war on any white male resistance.

It’s total war, too. Globohomo rightly fears the combined might of masculine White men on a mission of vengeance, and that’s where its focusing all of its firepower. Globohomo knows only White men armed with righteousness and brass balls can take it down.

PS Putting a positive spin on it, the Big Tech banhammer has become proof of authenticity. If you haven’t been unpersoned by at least one Big Y1d Tech platform, you’re a sellout. WAYSA?

PPS the past two months has seen a much higher quality comment section. Men like williamk, Angry Gamer, Ironsides (among many others) have shown what a quality commenter should be; astute, insightful, coherent, admirably restrained when someone kicks up the dust, and uninterested in the petty bickering that so often makes comment threads unreadable to neutral parties. I don’t know what changed here to elevate the comment board discourse, but I welcome it. They make me a better poaster.


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