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Christine Ballsy-Fraud is a sociopath who maybe, just maybe, will pay a price for her brazen attempt to bring down a good man.

Gateway Pundit and the crack sleuths at /pol/ are both reporting on something veeery interesting about Christine Ballsy-Fraud: that second door on her home she claimed was the trigger for her remembering sexual abuse by Kavanaugh?…it’s likely all made up and the truth is that she was trying to hide her illegal landlord activity from authorities.

Here’s an accomplished woman, Margot Cleveland, who has thoroughly analyzed Ballsy-Fraud’s testimony and come to the conclusion that her constant story changes to stay one step ahead of any defense against her accusations that would attempt to falsify her recollections is the best evidence that Ballsy-Fraud was LYING UNDER OATH:

THREAD: For those thinking Mitchell wasn’t strong enough on Ford, you’re wrong. Her gentle demeanor & allowing Ford to talk revealed A LOT-and it especially highlighted what FORD wanted us to NOTICE. Yesterday, I explained that her rehearsal & 5 mentions of Safeway was a tell. 1/

— Margot Cleveland (@ProfMJCleveland) September 30, 2018

There are sociopaths among us. Most people don’t know when they’ve met one. The sociopath is adept at concealing herself through mimicry of normal people. So when a sociopath like CBF sheds crocodile tears in front of Congress, normies think she’s credible. They can’t fathom anyone who would blatantly lie about a good man and destroy him before an audience of millions.

But these soul-killers exist, and normies had better wake up real quick to the fact that their inability to fathom anyone so radically and malevolently unlike themselves doesn’t mean sociopaths don’t swim among them, preying on their gullibility and integrity.
They do.
And they have like-minded kin in Congress who will cover for them.

I will be vindicated in my very early assessment of Ballsy-Ford as a psychopathic liar who made up her accusation out of thin air.
And I will be vindicated in my very early assessment that it was wrong of the GOP and assorted pants-wetters and pedestal polishers on the Right to sacrifice Roy Moore to the jackals and embolden the Leftoid Fuggernaut to even greater slanders against innocent men.


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