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The Beta Male Greeting

The fastest way to tell if a man you don’t know is a beta or an alpha is by the quality of woman on his arm (if he has a woman).

The second fastest way is by how he greets other men, particularly high status or conspicuously confident men.

The beta male greeting is a slight bow or nod of the head accompanied by a full body lean-in toward the man receiving the beta’s handshake. Usually, the beta male averts his eyes downwardly at the moment the handshake commences. His face is shellacked with a wide, submissive smile.

The head bow/nod+lean-in combo is such a huge indicator of low value that it’s one of the first body language mistakes I teach men to avoid. Anyone, man or woman, who witnesses a man doing that will automatically assume that man is lsmv or, if he looks superficially hsmv, that he has low self-esteem issues and a loser personality.

Another IOB (indicator of betatude) greeting is the side approach plus long-distance handshake. This occurs when the beta can’t summon the will to approach and greet the other man straight-on, torso facing forward, and instead presents his side (as if he’s minimizing the surface area that could be targeted by a threat) and reaches out with his hand from across a significant divide, afraid that he might invade the other man’s personal space. This beta male greeting is abjectly a display of low value, and can border on lsmv absurdity if the side approach, head bow, averted gaze, and stretched handshake are combined with a full-body lean-in at an awkward side-facing angle.

Solution: stop dong this. Approach and greet other men with unwavering eye contact, fully exposed and front-forward torso (preferably donned with Crusader armor), and a firm handshake that isn’t delivered transpacifically. Keep your head up and your body unbowed, and the feeling generated from greeting men this way will imprint your psychology with strength, masculinity, and that glorious outcome independent alpha male attitude that is the fount of a million HB tingles.


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