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This eye-opening video wound its way to me via TOG, the internet’s moast riveting poaster.

Anyone up for a nation-saving body language analysis?

The clip is from Juan McAmnesty’s funeral service (MPC wags call it a FUNeral). Lindsey Gayham gets cozy with More Huma Than Human Abedin, while Generals Mattis and Kelly keenly watch from a few feet away. At the end, Kelly looks to have passed a nonverbal signal to Gayham.

The critical moment starts around 1:12. Kelly’s lingering stare is not a friendly expression. It’s an alpha male dominance move. Gayham knows Kelly is staring at him, and Gayham reacts sheepishly, looking away, then glancing back briefly to see if Kelly still had eyes locked on him (he did, and Gayham, noticing this, fusses with his jacket like a nervous beta bitchboy).


I also detect a very quick nervous glance from Huma toward Kelly as she walks past him.

A few questions come to mind.

First, what the living hell is Huma doing at Songbird’s FUNeral? She should be in jail, not cavorting with establishment elites. How many of those unsecured classified emails Hillary was forwarding to the Chicoms were on Huma’s husband’s laptop that the FBI never bothered to look at? Oh, right, 30,000, give or take a few thousand.

“IF HE WINS, WE’LL ALL BE HANGING FROM NOOSES!!” — thecunt, presciently.

Second, why is Gayham so friendly with Huma, thecunt’s rumored longtime lesbian lover? To which party again is he supposed to belong? Remind me.

Third, did Kelly send a signal to Gayham, or was it just a coincidental itch that needed scratching? If it was a signal, was it a cue to activate a sequence of Deep Fried State events? Was the signal one between furtive allies or between enemies? If the former, what did it mean? If the latter, was it a warning to Gayham that Kelly has all the facts and a storm is about to blow back hard on anyone still keeping relationships with Hillary universe lackeys?

Gayham has been surprisingly charitable toward Goad Emperor Trump lately. He’s largely dropped the anti-Trump cucking. /ourgay/? Or did someone from Trump’s orbit have a talk with him about the shit that was set to hit the fan, possibly implicating Gayham in the splatter?

That’s my take, judging from the body language in this video. Gayham knows that Kelly knows, and Abedin doesn’t know. A big change in Swamp standard operating procedure is on the horizon; Huma might be doom’ed, and Kelly is signaling to Gayham that if he doesn’t cooperate, the cleansing fire will be licking at his plush pedoface too.



It’s topical, so I’ll chime in. The JYTimes cuck-anon is:

a. wholly made up by their editorial board (40% chance)
b. piss pimp nevertrump headcase loser Rick Wilson catfishing as a “senior Trump official” (30%)
c. a real person who has admitted the Deep State exists and is actively engaged in sedition against a duly-elected President. (30%)

Pro-tip: the punishment for seditious conspiracy is up to twenty years in jail. Make it happen, AG Sessions.

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