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A great comment from Thomas over at Sailer’s:

It’s truly fascinating how being merely a civic nationalist warrants the left’s “supremacist” label.

I think the problem for the left elite is even more fundamental than that. Have you noticed how unmediated channels of communication on the Web have dried up in the last couple years? The social media bigs (Facebook, Twitter, to a lesser extent, Reddit) have more or less outsourced content control and the right to participate to outfits like the SPLC or algorithms that adopt their criteria. Comment sections a lot of places have disappeared, and even goofball outlets like InfoWars have faced censorship. The left needs to keep people atomized and processing information only through approved channels. Lateral means of uncontrolled and unmediated communication or coordination, like a grass roots fraternal organization, are inherently dangerous, because they can form fertile ground for people to notice things, and to realize that other people notice things too. (Even in the case of something like the Proud Boys, you’ll get shown the door if you discuss certain topics a little too openly.)

The Left censors because if they don’t, dissident thought flourishes, and then dissidents flourish, emboldened by the knowledge that they aren’t alone. The awakening is wildfire, not isolated embers.

The Left occupies minds by gaslighting the populace; this is why it must squelch, contain, and punish free thought and speech. Unauthorized lateral communication helps the revolutionary fire catch and spread, burning down the artifice constructed by the leftoid Equalism Narrative gatekeepers.

The high priests of the Left know they have been shoving Lies down our throats for generations. But they are egotistically invested in their religion, and their Lies are the tithes they pay to their Flat Humanity god, in hopes that one day the cosmic order will realign and vindicate their faith. In the meantime, heretics will be crushed so the Left can comfortably evade the reckoning that they so richly and belatedly deserve.


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