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Depravity, Thy Name Is Woman

Jay in DC, doing the job white knighties won’t do (peer behind the curtains hiding the female hindbrain):

“If you get a couple drinks in her in any locale, you and your entire crew of friends can run through her without an issue.”

FTFY, F Street. (yeah I am rippin’ off Cap but the name is hilarious and gives you some gangsta sounding street cred. ‘My nigga F-Street over there’)

I have double teamed wahmen as far back as college after getting them shit-faced drunk and I’ve seen fraternity bros of mine run a train on girls in front of my very eyes. They are pornstars at their core, many of them, and truly love the cock.

I had an ex-GF who’s masturbation fantasy was a “tribe” of guys like 300 style all jerking off around her and bukkaking her body with thick ropey blasts of jizz by the dozens. That made me TRULY understand the depravity of female. This girl was a BALLER btw, 120K a year salary, 130+ IQ, high level corporate bitch. All the trappings of shit-lib corporate success and when you peeled all that away and got down to her lizard brain none of it mattered. What she desired most was to be a cum mat for a tribe of murderous alpha male barbarians. What else needs to be said?

“Frailty, thy name is woman.” -Hamlet

300 Cockas sounds like da GBFM’s debut indie film.

PS Isn’t it conspicuously odd that women will never have a fantasy of 300 provider betas dribbling their soyseed over their splayed bodies? Fantasy is a reflection of real inner desire, and women’s fantasies all tend to, well, look same.


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