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Groyper Jones has a topical Game question,

I’m almost finished with my first 100 approaches. I keep getting girls who say they have a boyfriend, but still give me their number to just be friends.

I don’t know what to make of this. Are they just being polite, or should I keep pushing?

This is one of those sexual market rituals that has changed over time. It used to be that girls wouldn’t give their numbers out to men for whom the girls had no romantic feelings. Or they would give out a fake number. It was just too messy to give real numbers to betas who might stalk them or latch onto their orbit like an incel asteroid. Rarely, a man would cross paths with a sociopath who relished accumulating a soyem (male harem) of beta orbiters, and who would give her phone number to almost any man who asked. We call those girls attention whores, and their numbers are increasing exponentially.

But this has changed in recent years. Girls will now freely give their digits on the pretense of asexual friendship. I’ve noticed it, and others who are newer to the dating scene have noticed as well. Instead of the friendzone, I call this the friendphone. Are girls simply more naive than they used to be, or are they more sociopathic? Both possibilities are on the table.

To answer your two questions, no and yes.

The girls aren’t being polite. If all they were doing was being polite, they would say they have a BF, and leave it at that. This is how it’s traditionally been done for thousands of thot-years. So what’s changed?

The nature of men, for one. There are a lot more beta male simps than there used to be, owing to a culture that has elevated emasculation to an art form and to the bulk of men’s formative years being spent in faptivity with porn and vidja.

The nature of women, for two. There are a lot more manjaws and strident skanklib cunts than there used to be, owing to a culture that has denigrated femininity and to the bulk of women’s formative years being spent overweight, socially disconnected, and aridly flattered online by thirsty betas.

The nature of nature, for three. Our waters are polluted with endocrine disruptors like the Pill.

The nature of our culture, for four. Antisocial media has deprived men and women of the relational social skills they need to court each other. Game may as well be Mandarin to the typical Ameriherb. Additionally, slut glorification has stripped the stigma from women who cock hop.

The nature of the sexual market, for five. There is a horrible sex skew between the numbers of available men vying for the love of a shrinking pool of slender, single babes. This reality breeds attention seeking thots, cock carouseling, grinding incel, and regretful Wall-approaching spinsters.

Given the above changes I’ve listed, the likeliest explanation for the emergence of the friendphone is a combination of fearlessness and aggro hypergamy. Girls are much less fearful of the beta males who swarm around them and of the potential danger to reputation those betas would have posed back in a more patriarchal time; this incentivizes attention whoring. It’s no risk anymore for a girl to cavalierly accumulate a horde of sexless simps to diddle her idclit whenever she needs it.

The aggro, open hypergamy is the result of too many men competing for too few women. (Worse, competing for too few women who aren’t economically self-sufficient and could use the LTR boost of a beta provider.) The plain jane can now juggle a few admirers (only one of which will have access to her vanilla vagina) without incurring reputational loss or threat of abandonment. The orbiter and sexless male friends will cling to her for months, and years, enduring the cruelty of sniffing, but never touching, proximate vaj. They will patiently wait wait wait for their oneitis to “tire” of her jerkboy lover. They will never leave this waiting room. It is a portal to hell for them.

The hypergamous girl is fishing, always looking to reel in that monster bass. The more leeway she has to continually dangle her bait, the longer she’ll keep it in the water testing for nibbles. That’s what these friendphone girls are doing; dangling, recasting, dangling, and then reeling in whichever man is more alluring to her than the beta orbiters and Fake BFs she currently has in her rotation.

The conclusion I’m arriving at is this, Mr. Jones: If you are getting girls’ real numbers with the IHAB rider attached, the girls are equally interested in you AND attention whoring to enlarge their soyems. Continue gaming them as if they were undeclared property, and be careful to avoid beta orbiter traps that would unseal the deal.

Keep pushing. Every girl now has a male in her company that she can call a “boyfriend”, though he may be nothing of the sort as conventionally understood. It may be a male she *wishes* were her bf, or it may be a recruited flatterer she labels a bf in a pinch when social expectation calls for it.

If she gives her number, a part of her is thinking about exploring intimacy with you. It may be a small part, but all you need is a foot in the whore. If you follow up on one of these sweet numbers, and she mentions the bf again, consult the Chateau archives for numerous anti-bf quips that will easily surmount this most common of shit tests.

CH Maxim #99: Keep pushing for sex, until she stops allowing you to push.

You’ll know when she thwarts your advances for real, and when she’s putting up token resistance. Knowing the difference comes with sexperience.

One trick that works wonders on the modren wahman is to call her bluff. Reply to her objections, “hey, don’t get the wrong idea. I just called because you were looking for a friend.” Then, be friendly. Don’t act resentful or butthurt. Open yourself to her terms of engagement, hiding your ulterior motive until it’s too late for her to #resist. Hang with her, but keep pushing and working the magic, devoting each minute you and her are together to your ultimate goal. This is the sneaky fucker strategy, minus the angry ape boyfriend who comes back to reclaim his turf, because she won’t really have a boyfriend, and if she does it won’t be a boyfriend she respects enough to stay faithful to, which means he won’t be a man you need fear.


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