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Alpha Male Vs Beta Cuck

obama bending far enough to bite the pillow.

The Gay Mulatto is the invisible mongrel. He was a cipher during his rule, a vessel into which millions of virtue sniveling shitlib Whites and gibs-envisioning frenzied blacks poured their narcissistic ardor to have it reflected back at them through the rictus of a high yella’s phony fey poise. He will leave no legacy that Trump hasn’t already demolished, he won’t be remembered for anything, he was never cool, and his cultist followers will have only the halo from his onyx numinosity to accompany them to their childfree old age.

Trump makes more history in a day than the Gay Mulatto made in eight years. For that matter, so does Dennis Rodman.

The Groid Void fades from memory already, as a Golden Don splashes the world with high T color again.


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