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The Spygate Smoking Gun?

Big if true:

Why aren’t Dirty Deep State conspirators like Strzok and Page called before Congress to testify under oath? Are Republicans totally useless? Rhetorical.

It’s obvious that the FBI and elements within Gay Mulatto’s DOJ and CIA went rogue to take down the Presidential candidate who represented American voters with interests diametrically opposed to Globohomo, Inc. The Scandal of the Century, in my unassailable opinion.

Meanwhile, the Great Russia Hoax goes on. The Manafort witness tampering evidence cited by Mueller is “almost nonexistent“. And, hilariously, one of the anti-Trump Deep State spies employed by the EffedBI, fat crap Stefan Halper, was busted on crack cocaine possession charges in 1994. (A charge which it appears he was allowed to pay off with a measly $400 fine. It’s good to be an asset for the Creep State.)

Mueller’s desperate. The POS Clinton lackey knows he was put in charge of a fraudulent witch hunt/hoax, and now he’s reaching for slim reeds to give his investigation a patina of legitimacy and save face.

Fuck him, his toadies, his benefactors, and the rest of the globalist scum in Gay Mulatto’s DOJFBICIA fruitcake guild to hell.


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