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A great comment from R.G. Camara,

There are really only two ways to defeat SJWs once they take over an organization:

1. Let the institution die a slow, painful death while you build another one and keep SJWs out.

2. A massive, one time, blitzkreig strategic/tactical attack where you and some very trusted allies remove all SJWs in one fell swoop—a purge of immense magnitude and blinding speed to prevent any form of defense.

For the blue print on the latter, see how the NRA took the organization back from the SJWs in 1977, in what is now termed “The Cincinnati Revolution“.

If Trump is playing the latter game….expect it to happen in a flash. He knows if he leaves any significant number of SJWs around, they will redouble and use every means necessary—including unleashing black mobs, calling for UN intervention, and releasing gas and biological attacks—to fight the purge.

Either way, the SJWs will desperately try to paint it as a “Night of the Long Knives.”

For a real-time example of a once-admired American institution utterly surrendering to the Veil of SJW Darkness, see the Boy Skirts (née Boy Scouts), which has allowed homosexual scout leaders and girls into the fold, and now requires the availability of condoms to all participants at its global gathering.

The Soy Scouts is lost to us. There’s no salvation that doesn’t involve a mass cleansing of the filth that has infiltrated the organization. Evoking Camara’s point number one, White men and their sons will have to create parallel male-bonding institutions free of the freakqualist poz, and then make sure not even one bitter beauty-destroying leftoid is allowed into the ranks.

Point number two is of course a lot faster and a lot more fun, if inflicting mass casualties on shitlib psyches is your thing (and why wouldn’t it be?).

I hoped that Trump would execute his version of the Cincinnati Revolution the day he took office, but he either felt it was necessary to wait and lull his enemies into the CROSSFIRE HURRICANE zone, or he really didn’t know what he was up against until enough betrayals of trust and basic Constitutional guarantees had accumulated and cleared his mind of the nature of his enemy. Whatever his motivation, I hope that he is about to unleash Hell now that the Dirty Deep State has finally revealed its scaly underbelly.

A third way — one that is slow, laborious, but ultimately long-lasting and preserving of the traditions and organizations that leftoids have corrupted — is an equal and opposite march through the institutions by a Standing Shitlord Army. This is the bloodless way, but truthfully I think we’ve run out of time for it; the counter-MTTI needed to happen at least a couple decades ago. Now it’s too late. Leftoid Equalism has dug in too deep, has closed off too many avenues for redress, and painfully slow substitutions of leftoids for sane people won’t come quick enough to pre-empt Civil War II.

My bet is that the future of America will be a combination of #1 and #2 — parallel reactionary institutions flowering and multiplying, while a few SJW captured organizations fall to a Night of Long Gibes — followed by cultural and then political regionalism that essentially heralds the end of America as a united nation.


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