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The Chick Bump

A reader reminded me of a classic female IOI (Indicator of Interest): the Chick Bump. (don’t get excited Captain Obvious, not that kind of bump)

If a girl keeps “accidentally” bumping into you while you walk together, she’s incipiently aroused.

“Accidental” physical contact NEVER happens if the girl isn’t into the man. In fact, girls are hard-wired to go out of their way to avoid even the briefest brushes of physical contact with a beta male. Prime Lubricity girls are very careful to avoid giving lsmv men the wrong idea. Girls would much rather low value men keep their distance than have to fend off their clumsy advances. Accidental elbow touching could excite a blue balled incel to a rash solicitation.

Therefore, if the girl in your company bumps into you more than once, assume she wants your D. Pass Ho, collect 200 tingles. This is the female version of kino escalation, and it means you are cleared for philandering.


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