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This is a pretty good pickup field report from archerwfisher demonstrating the awesome power of preselection, cockiness, and outcome independence to deliver poon into a man’s lap.

Off topic but MAN had another example today that the Heartiste gospel is true. Short version–pre approval and a little game work a TON.

Long version–met a somewhat crazy, fairly slutty girl on tinder. Didn’t want to date. (I’m more on the Christian side so didn’t bang when I could have.) She loves to randomly hang out even though she’s decided I’m 100% a friend. Today she randomly wanted to meet at a bar. I get there and she’s happy drunk with a happy drunk friend. She introduces me, I’m snapchatting another girl (crazy girl asks what I’m doing, I honestly say I’m snapping my ex, so I’m pre approved by crazy girl and my ex) and I’m partially chatting with crazy girl and her drunk friend.

We go outside, they’re talking about hookups and I’m making dry comments and a few jokes and half paying attention, didn’t flirt with or hit on either. We all sit in crazy girl’s SUV with ac on for a few minutes. Someone calls crazy girl, drunk friend starts making orgasm noises, I join in “yeah you like that baby” and crazy girls takes the call. Drunk girl tells me about breaking up with her fiance, I go, “I completely understand, crazy people are hard to deal with” and point at crazy girl. Drunk friend almost dies laughing going “that’s so awful! take that back!” To which I say “tell me it’s not true!” Aaand five minutes later drunk friend is asking if I have a dick pic I can show her, I do, and her reply is “Hmm, I can do something with that” and she asks me to come over to her place.

Gospel proven–be pre approved, don’t be an eager beaver, and have some humor.

I can already hear the mewling chorus of naysayers. “Ah but she was drunk, CH, that lay was practically a gimme!”

Really? How often do betaboys go home to their faphovels because a bar full of drunk girls ignored them for more charismatic men? I’d say if betas rely on girls being drunk to get laid they are setting themselves up for disappointment. Even through the haze of alcohol, girls can tell which men are the cool alphas. Drunkenness might lower her inhibitions, but it won’t reliably widen her net.


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