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The Crone Police

The form and the function. Women abide the form, men abide the function. MagyarFaszALegjobbFasz (i’m as puzzled as the rest of you) has a great comment implicitly tying together the female predilection to act as Tone Police with the overrun of Western societies by Dirt World Dreck.

This is classic feminine TONE POLICE. Ask any married man, he’s heard this shit a thousand times. In her moral calculus that the white knight’s tone is actually worse than the Slav drunkard’s behavior.

“I agree with you but I don’t like the way you said it.”

This comes pre-installed in every women — the question is how high is the dial set to?

1-3 = girl next door
4-6 = bitch next door
7-10 = feminazi shrike

The feminine is all about the form, and has no respect for function. This is why most masculine men find women boring, trite and superficial. It’s why women love credentialism. All surface, no depth.

The mistake the British white knight made is that he paid any attention to her and treated her like an equal/adult and/or expected her to support him.

Never expect courage from the feminine. It happens, but it is rare. Remember, men move to danger, women move away from it. (That is exactly what happened in the clip too.)

She’s a child. She should keep her mouth shut and not interrupt adults. He should have signaled that.

I am sure heartiste et al have strategies to deal with tone police shit testing. Now would be a good time to share them given the obliviousness of the commenters on this post.

The Tone Police, or rather the Crone Police because schoolmarmish tut tutting has the effect of prematurely aging women and robbing them of their tender femininity, is a real problem in the West. Our Western White women are, among the world’s races of women, most severely afflicted by the urge to scold nonconformists to the reigning shitlib orthodoxy. (NonWestern women learn real quick what happens to them when they betray their men for the favors of invaders and effete UN monitors.)

It is inarguable that in general women are the sex more risk-averse, socially conforming, and superficially wedded to universalist norms of behavior. Men concerned with the wholesale abandonment of their homelands to invader ingrates for the pennywise pound-foolish siren call of cheap labor, moral preening, and real estate churn need to have strategies and tactics at the ready to disarm their hovering Crone Police.

As with pickup and Game tactics, the best defense is a good offense. Shit testing Crone Police should be answered similarly to how shit testing bar thots are answered:

  1. Agree & Amplify (“I’M SO SORRY, I want our country to turn into a Third World heaven just as much as you do.”)
  2. State Control (“Thanks. I’ve been working hard to improve my racism.”)
  3. Dismissiveness (“lol you’re gay”)
  4. Shock & Awe (“Shut up, cunt”)
  5. Id Vivisection (“If you want to fuck him, just ask.”)
  6. Amused Mastery (“I’m glad you like it”)
  7. The Asshole Counterattack (“Was I talking to you?”)
  8. Assume the Sale (“This isn’t the time for flirting with me.”)
  9. The Aggro Asshole Counterattack (“Your ugly face offends me.”)
  10. Amused Mastery 2 (“That’s Mr. Racist to you”)
  11. Assume the Sale 2 (“Sorry, I’m not your type”)
  12. The Disregarding Brush-Off (“yup” or “see ya”)

The take-home lesson is that you’ll always be on the winning side as long as you aren’t flustered or defensive. Be vigilant and prepared for the Crone Police, and you’ll never let yourself, nor your country, down.


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