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Amy Schumer. Here she is bitching about (or humblebragging about) all of her horrible ex-boyfriends.

I’ll translate her porridge of puling for you:


Keep telling yourself that, Amy, and when you get dumped (yet again) you won’t have to change a thing about yourself. Just keep rolling with your martyrdom complex until the Wailing Wall claims final victory over your delusions.


In related “total lack of self-reflection” news, there was a massive purge of NeverTrumpers from the cuckblog Red State. Trump should win a Nobel in Aesthetics for that.


Lisa Page’s gums (lol) writes,

So she lost her virginity while she was asleep…who was her date -Bill Cosby?
I mean how could she not wake up with a guy trying to move her fupa?

Fat amy schumer is like most fatties. Something’s always getting stuck in their folds so a penis could easily be mistaken for a half-eaten hot dog.


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