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What Makes A MAGA Man?

Are you a MAGA Man? An emailer who goes by the nom de plume “A MAGA Man” passed along a story from his life. Reprinted in full and worth reading in full.


My site is sucks but it’s the least I could do to prove the legitimacy of the below.

Inspired by the writings here at the last bastion, as well as LIFE ITSELF and MUH DICK…I’ve done some shit. Some good, some bad, some epic, but that’s for another time.

Point is, the MAGA challenge inspired me to write in the following anecdote. I’m a dude that pissed the urban shithole behind, as a next level step towards the ever-deepening and symbolic, as well as actual, unplugging:

Ten years ago, my father got sick. Major heart issue (he is not fat by any standard) that took all his life to manifest. When that happened, I forgot game. It was three intense months and he’s still with us. Thank the lord and bless all you with love that have lost their fathers.

But it was close. And it hurt. We cherish that pain and life every day, and text and talk often, and all is well. And I transformed afterwards (hi2u ex gf that I said ‘you aren’t being helpful’ after her tantrum and hung up during the whole ordeal).

This story isn’t even about him.

It’s about the homeless guy that I saw when I went back to the city a month ago.

Amidst an affluent, coastal town. Outside and In&Out, actually. Suburbanites everywhere.

There was one homeless. Looked coked out. He left quickly.

Another man came by. He had a sign. Heart problems, please help, lost job, anything helps.

Went over, and asked him name. We started talking and he had the exact same issue as my father. I gave him all the money I had on me, and we talked for a good twenty minutes.

Everyone at the Shit&Out (god bless them though) was looking, in awe/wonder/jealous/tingles/whatevers.

“WHAT WOULD THE HEARTISTE DO,” I asked myself just now as I write this. I didn’t even think when I did. I just went over to the patio of the fast food and looked every single one of those normie fucking faggotBitchSluts in the eye and commanded an excuse me.

Maybe 30 people on the patio? Doesn’t matter, everyone was looking. I introduced Dave (from a distance) and told his story.
I told them I know each and every one of them is affluent, and driving nice cars, and I saw them driving them. And that it doesn’t matter what you think, or whatever, that you need to support your fellow countryman.

I said we don’t need more people, we need to take care of each other. That man is Dave and he had the same heart issue as my father but fortunately my father worked hard and planned and was able to help himself.

Help him out, he’s a good man, thank you for your time. Stood for a moment and a few MAGA dudes (I think) clapped me out.

The women/moms were tingling just cause big young guy coming up.
The younger tweens were in typical man-founded give me D look.
The maga dudes were just leaning back respectfully (as clap showed later)
The young boys were in awe.

Best part….

The manlet husb-ginas had a grimace of pain and a similar look at the teens, with a mirror of contrast reflecting what they will never do.

MAGA my brother. Had to channel my tears but when men contain and channel those emotional uprising into BEAUTY and GOODNESS, then, as you said, the world can change.

Thank you dear leader for your WORDS, and ACCEPTANCE into this community.

I am putting forth efforts to help the movement, online, but moreso in person. Always MAGA, always do what’s RIGHT, and always stand up for beauty and truth.


CH here. The MAGA Man. He’s in you.

Maybe the above anecdote is shitthatdidnthappen.txt, maybe not. The moral lesson is real enough, though, so I dedicated a post to it.

Embrace your Inner MAGAman, and for one moment in your life defy the comforts and inertia of materialist late stage capitalism and perform a miracle rebelling against the globohomo hellscape swarming around you.

A MAGA Man is:

  • tired of the complacency
  • suffers no fools
  • recoils from polite newspeak
  • delivers harsh truths
  • never apologizes for his manhood
  • never excuses women their vices and bad choices
  • is merciful to honorable foes
  • is merciless to backstabbing cucks
  • understands that fellow-feeling begins at home, not halfway across the world



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