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At first glance, this photo is the iconic Goodbye America still shot. The soyfaced White punching bag just standing there, inert and full of self-hatred, taking the n1gra’s bullhorn to his frappuccinoed face while mystery meat onlookers, their psychotically masochistic white enablers, and a (((puppeteer))) cheer on the n1gra’s ‘shines. Sick!

But look closely at Whitecuck’s eyes. What’s going through his head? “I am suitably chastened and prepared to make amends to my black betters.” “I am scared.” “I am not getting paid enough for this.” “I hate myself.” “Please make it stop.”

Hm, I dunno. I think I see something else: the look of stoic resolve just before the battle charge. Redemption.

And is that soyfat or muscle beneath his apron of oppression?

If America has a future, our beset White man is thinking, “fuck this n0gnoize, where’s the road war sign up sheet?”

Auschwitz Pool Lifeguard writes,

Imagine actually taking this abuse for a minimum wage job at a company that forces you to undergo constant humiliation from the point of training onwards for being a white male.

I personally can’t imagine it, but a lot of White males can, and decide to live it out in reality. Those of sane mind and descended testicles can only hope that these self-castrating White males one day, not far off, tire of the prostration parade they must march in every day, and on that day become White Men.

From MPC Status Updates,

Ancient men called general strikes, manned barricades, put bourgeoisie to the sword…you go to “coffee chain” for “grande latte” and enjoy “diversity training”…YOU ARE GAY!

lol. We may have hit Peak Paleface Prostration with this Starcucks nonsense. Safe White Spaces (all implicit today) like Starcucks are the newest frontier in enlightened leftoid activism. Anything or any place that can be remotely associated with Whiteness or pinned as an organically emergent White community will be under fire from here on out to disavow its Whiteness and make room for disruptive elements.

Leftoids really want a world in which there’s no place left for Whites to run from Diversity™. Leftism is a White death cult.

tin man wonders what our White hero-to-be could do under the circumstances,

The fuck is he supposed to do, fistfight someone for Starbucks Corporation? This is the first time I’ve ever thought it would be cool to work there, this would be fun

He could laugh in the face of his inquisitors. He could throw down the garb of his anti-White SJW corporate master and storm out, cleaving the freak crowd in two and leaving them screeching at his receding figure. But that’s the crux of the issue. It’s not so much what he isn’t doing, it’s that he’s embedded in a malevolent system which hates him and his kind, and which prohibits him from doing anything. The whole point of these mau mau charades is humiliation porn, to strip White men of their dignity.

That channer prank using a fake free coffee coupon redeemable only by those of african american descent has the potential to bring Starcucks to its knees if it goes viral. No brotha is gonna question the authenticity of a gibs ticket, so what’s Starcucks gonna do? Tell the proud black body sorry, no freebie for you?

PS I find it hilarious that everyone in this photo is wearing problem glasses.


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