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Your Daily Shivs

Via: “Brother of [Nikolas de Jesus] Cruz victim brutally twatterslays FBI over Trump raid.”

I like the cut of this man’s shiv. Straight to the beating heart of the Creep State! Mueller isn’t even pretending to be hunting for Russia collusion anymore, is he? (That’s because Clinton-Britain Collusion is the real collusion, and Clinton lackey snake in the grass Mueller knows it, so he’s been making himself busy finding *anything* on Trump — including perfectly legal hush payments to past porn star lovers — to cover his own ass for his failure to evidentially support the fantasies of hysterical shitlibs.)


Tucker Carlson joins Ann Coulter as the most redpilled media personalities still permitted a platform by IngSoc to speak uncomfortable truths openly and freely. But for how much longer?

Die for Trump first, die for Tucker second.
-MPC Status Updates


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