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Maul-Right Street Art

I don’t know who or which group was responsible for the above dissident skylarking, but it’s a beautiful thing to behold. If it were a shiv, it would be serrated and dipped in tree pepe poison. We need more of this, and fast. Increase the voltage!

The following is from the incomparable SABO, and is one of his bast street artworks yet:

Shitlibs are put on notice by this heretical street art. In this war, it’s strategically smart to let shitlibs know they don’t own the public square, especially the public squares of the big blue coastal megacities that have become their adopted hive home. We want them in fear every minute of their fappuccinoed soylives that the person standing next to them at the movie theater wine bar or sharing an uber pool ride with them could be an apostate, a VERY BAD FREETHINKER, and why is that person staring at them that way? Is he dreaming of DOTR? Oh god where did I put my inhaler?

PS An American Thermopylae.


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